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A new Taiwanese movie is shooting this month in Chiayi City with Director 蕭雅全 [Hsaio Ya-Quan] at the helm during a 30-day location shoot for "在一個死亡之後" (''Beyond Death'')

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The digital clapboard reads: roll 4, scene 2, shot 7, take 6
director 蕭雅全, cameraman AJ
date: 2017. Febuary 7. LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION!

 The name of the movie is "在一個死亡之後" (''Beyond  Death'')

黃仲崑 is one of the actors.


2000 命帶追逐:
54 屆坎城影展導演雙週 

19 屆義大利都靈影展最佳處女作
42 屆希臘鐵薩隆尼齊影展最佳藝術成就獎、最佳導演獎 


15 屆日本福岡亞洲影展最佳影片 

2010 第36個故事:

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The Director!
A new Taiwanese movie "在一個死亡之後" ("Beyond Death'') is shooting now in Chiayi City in south Taiwan with Director 蕭雅全 [Mr. Hsaio Ya-Chuan] at the helm during a 30-day location shoot. Some informal and  unofficial still photos taken bymy friend Mr Liao in Chiayi. Thank you, Mr Liao, for the good photos.

As we learn more about this movie, this blog will add some information. The movie's theme is about air pollution and it is not a comedy but a serious Taiwanese drama about serious issue. 蕭雅全 the director decided to place his story in the "local" city of Chiayi where a different kind of life obtains that the one seen in Taipei or Kaohsiung. A crew of about 100 people were on hand the other day to help with the shoot, from grips, microphone technicians, video camera people, still photographers, and the lighting and camera crews, not to mention the assistant director and the two young stars of the movie Miss Chen and Mr Huang from Taipei.

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Director 蕭雅全 and his crew and cast at a Buddhist ceremony to mark the beginning of the production in Chiayi City asking  a blessing from the Gods for good luck and good fortune in the making of the movie. The photo is courtesy of Director Hsaio. The name of the movie is "在一個死亡之後" (''Beyond Death'')

 黃仲崑 is one of the actors.

Director Hsiao, born in 1967, (蕭雅全) is a screenwriter and a director. He was the screenwriter and director for the movie ''第36個故事 ''.
 \He also made the short film ''命帶追逐 '' in the year 2000. (35 minutes long)





Chiayi resident Joanna Ho translated and summarized the above comment for me: thank you so much, Joanna!

Cause of this film, "After That", the director felt the "family atmosphere". It's never gotten before. After Chiayi, he needed to leave to North of Taiwan and Tokyo so he treasured every moment with everyone in the job. Although it's not easier than the advertisements, everyone still stay to the end. I think the definition of this film was "前仆後繼" that taking up the positions of the fallen and rise to fight one after another. This time, there are many actors and scenes. It's like the "Wheel War" which was tactic of fighting an enemy by turns to wear him and next. We also made a filmed scene, Hardware Store which was exquisite and specific. The heart of the music was “the march” and everything was the same direction, then moving, taking up the positions of the fallen and rise to fight one after another and "After That".

黃仲崑 is one of the actors.

The movie has a tentative unofficial name in English, "Beyond Death" -- [The tentative name of the movie in Chinese Mandarin is "在一個死亡之後" but there is no official title yet and things might change, of course, before the movie is released in 2018.

In  addition to the famous KANO movie, about the 1931 baseball team in Chiayi during the Japanese Colonial Period, this is the first Taiwanese movie to locate the main story in modern 2017 Chiayi. Thank you, 蕭雅全! Gambatte, cast and crew!

Director [蕭雅全] has made two films in his career, and this is his third one. He is known as a very good director for TV commercials and MV shoots.

The Chiayi story of the movie partly takes place at a local dry cleaning store where the woman in the movie, about 25 years old, is working. Her friend comes in the ask her to dry clean his clothes and that was the scene the film crew was shooting in these photos taken by Mr Liao, a local guy in Chiayi who kindly resent his photos to me via Facebook last night. The shoot was along a side street near the Mistukoshi Department store during the day and the night, and many local people who passed by on motorscooters and by foot while shopping or stopping off at nearby food stalls and restaurants and stopped to watch the action, like a Hollywood movie location shoot.

The director is in the center of the photo.

Here are some informal scenes of the movie being made on the streets of Chiayi on February 12, along the a side street in town near a ''Dry Cleaning Shop'', since the movie's story or part of it, takes place in a fictional dry cleaning store in Chiayi.

Filming a scene with two actors in the lobby entrance of a local dry cleaning store where the actress Miss Chen is chatting with a young man who os her friend (not her boyfriend) who brings some clothes to her store in the movie to be cleaned at the dry cleaning store in the movie. LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION! - [PHOTO BY MR LIAO]


Filming in Chiayi City on a small side street at night. LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! -- [PHOTO COURTESY OF MR LIAO IN CHIAYI]

Another location inside a wood-panelled hardward store with a gorgeous and atmospheric interior inside in Chiayi City on a small side street near the train station. The cast and crew have been shooting there for a few days, before moving on to some scenes at the main train station in Chiayi City later in the week. [ Photo by Chiayi resident Mr. 張振瑋 ]

And the movie crew and cast also shot some scenes at the Chiayi Train Station on March 9 in the afternoon. They were shooting on the platform. This photo is from the Internet and is not from the movie location. But the platform looks like this:

嘉義市 火車站 (Chiayi Railway Station)



The movie he is making in 2017:

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