Thursday, July 6, 2017

WHO was LYNNS79 at Wiki? This website knows who she is now and she continues to delete links to TRY to cover up her tracks. NOT a pretty picture for someone who says he only follows the truth and never lies and has never lied about who LynnS79 was. She did lie.

WHO  was LYNNS79 at Wiki? This website sheds some light on who her friends were.
Her user ID at Wiki was 316334472 and her pseudonymous Wiki ID, among several she has used on Wiki, was "LynnS79"

She first started her first posts under the pseufonym lynns79 about climate fiction on May 8, 2014, under the name of LynnS79 

and notice that this ''mLynn'' person below in the first link posted her post at the kinja site under the ID of "mLynn" on May 9, 2014.  The very next day. So was mLynn doing the work for someone else, whose name we will never know? Very well could be. Notice the Kinja userid has been changed now to avoid detection but the archives show the name ''mLynn'' right there in plain English. Coincidence?
M could stand for many things: em, Emily, Emilene, Maryanne, Martha, Mordecai.

LOOK!  AHA BUT notice LynnS79 now knows that we have found out who she really is and guess what, as soon as she saw the links we uncovered, she immediately deleted the two links below so when you click on them you will get two empty pages, and the page will also be empty all it once has three article posted and written by Mary Woodbury but someone, guess who, now deleted those three articles and the page is empty except to a small NAME at the Top which reads:.....MARY! Opps.

This page by is not deleted and empty. But i have proof it once led doirectly to 

it will automatically now turn into BUT IT HAS BEEN DELETeD NOW BY YOU KNOW WHO AND CLICK ON IT TO SEE WHERE IT LEADS AND WHOSE NAME IS STILL ON IT: ''Mary'' it reads.  You know who can run but she can't hide. Sad that she can't face the truth. But some people are like this. Trump is one. You know who is another. Sad. She just cannot admit she lied about all this on Wiki.

So who was ''mLynn''? No idea. and why did she use 'S' as her initial of her surname Socovosky maybe? And why did she post her birthday at 79 when she did register her birthday on a SFF forum once as October 16, 1979.

Then again, who she was is no longer relevant. I *know* who she was but I will never out her in public since Wiki rules say we should never out fellow editors. So her secret will remain a secret with me too. Not important.

I guess her name was Em Lynn Socolovsky who is listed as a professor at a Canadian university, although her website no longer works. The trail has been lost. She's on her own now. ACTUALLY she is reading this now and she is not named Em Lynn Socolovky at all and she is not a Canadian professor. Her name is someone we all know. So sad that she continues to cover up and lei about all this. Only makes her look worse and worse. Admit what you did and all is forgiven, mate. Nobody is angry at you. We all mess up. You messed up. Big deal. Just admit instead of continuing to cover up your tracks (poorly). Someone with any IT knowledege can track you down.

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