Tuesday, August 30, 2016

How the coiner of the cli*fi term sees the end of the world

As told to Radio Station KCFI....on August 13, 2016 

[Transcript in preparation]


Well, I am not talking abou the end of the world but just our small corner of the world, the human species. The Earth will go on without us. Thousands of species will go on with us, both in the ground and in the skies (and in the waters).

So I am not about the end of the Earth and not the extinction of most species, just the end of human civilization and the human species. My time frame is the next 500 to 1000 years. 30 to 60  more generations of man (and woman, of course). And then we won't be here any more. That is where we are heading. Anyone, everyone, knows this. But most people, even die-hard climate activists and academic risk policy communications, they are all in denial. They want fixes, solutions, a Hollywood ending. Sorry, mate, it aint gonna be like that.

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