Friday, October 7, 2016

The pushback in the West against Amitav Ghosh's anti-genre rants begins...

UPDATE: by the way, on page 94 of the book, Dr Ghosh gives a nice shout out to the cli-fi genre, so we must thank him for that. We wrote to him two years ago and asked if he had heard of cli fi and what he thought of it and he replied in an email to this blogger: "Yes, cli-fi is a good term for certain kinds of novels in the West."

[In INDIA, all the reviewers gave their national hero a pass and nobody challenged him on this from June to September in all reviews written in India by Indian writers in the Indian media. That's okay, he's their national literary hero.]

BUT now that his book tour has come to the USA for the next two months, Western literary critics and oped writers and bloggers will be standing up to Ghosh and challenging him on his anti-genre views. This will happen in the UK, too.

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