Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Cli Fi Movie Awards [of the future, if they ever get a venue and a sponsor, maybe in 2025] get a name: THE CLIFFIES!

The Cli Fi Movie Awards [of the future, if they ever get a venue and a sponsor, maybe in 2025] get a name: THE CLIFFIES!

short intro by Robin Murray here:

In a brief self-interview, climate activist and genre student Dan
Bloom talks about his new Cli Fi Movie Awards program, what it is and
why he started it.

QUESTION: -- Dan, you've coined the cli fi genre term and you've been
> busy the past 3 years promoting it to the media in the USA, the UK and
> Australia, with some pickups also in Denmark, Norway, Brazil, Chile
> and Spain. Why are you now curating the CLIFFIES, what you call the
> CLI FI MOVIE AWARDS, which you have dubbed in your word coining ways
> as "The Cliffies"? What are the Cliffies?
> DAN BLOOM: The Cli Fi Movie Awards will honor and recognize the best
> cli fi movies of the year on an annual basis. In ten categories. The
> 2015 launch will be on February 15, a week before the Oscars telecast
> worldwide.
> QUESTION: -- Why run the event a week before the Oscars?
> DAN BLOOM: We want to get maximum media exposure for the Cliffies
> awards and this is just good PR timing.
> QUESTION: How many movie nominations have come in this year for the
> 2014 period of cli fi movies?
> DAN BLOOM: Seven films have been nominated so far, with categories
> like best directors, actors, supporting actors, cinematography, PR and
> marketing campaigns, and a few more new categories never awarded
> before in Hollywood!
> QUESTION: Such as.....?
> DAN BLOOM: Wait for the CLIFFIES launch.
> QUESTION: Who is funding the event? Sponsors? Venue? Where will the
> CLiFFIES take place?
> DAN BLOOM: Again, wait for the launch on mid February. This is big.
> This is trending and this will reach a lot of important people in the
> movie industry with a cli fi message for future years. That's our
> goal. That's our premise. That was our starting point. The Cliffies
> are not about glitz or glamor or movie stars. They are about the very
> future of our planet. Hollywood has a big role to play and indie
> movies, too.
> QUESTION: Dan, you come across as a bit of an eccentric, a bit of a
> maverick and a bit of a climate activist with a never give up
> attitude. Who are you?
> DAN BLOOM: All three. Take your pick. I answer to all of them. Mostly
> I'm a lone wolf crying in the wilderness, shouting from the rooftops,
> issuing some wake up calls, ringing some alarm bells, hopefully.
> QUESTION: Do you think in all seriousness the media is going to pay
> attention to this cockamamie idea of a cli fi movie awards event
> dubbed the CLIFFIES when you yourself have zero street cred in
> Hollywood, zero media visibility and zero sponsorships?
> DAN BLOOM: I'm not worried. What will happen, will happen. Watch! This
> is big. We're starting small, but there is a huge growth potential
> here, and not about money or glitz. This is a very serious thing we
> are curating.
> QUESTION: Do you have have any background in the movie business? I
> mean, what are you getting yourself in to?
> DAN BLOOM: I know a few people in the movie industry, producers and
> screenwriters. I've been around the film business all my life as a PR
> guy. But this is not about Hollywood, this is about waking Hollywood
> up. See?
> QUESTION: I do believe you are a maverick, an eccentric,
> and a lone wolf climate activist. Not many people would go out on a
> limb and do what you are doing, without a parachute and without any
> funding or sponsors.
> DAN BLOOM: If you build it, they will come. I once interviewed Kevin
> Costner during a press conference in Tokyo when I worked there as a
> reporter and he came to town for DANCES WITH WOLVES. If you build it,
> they will come. He taught me that! ''Field of Dreams''!

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