Friday, October 20, 2017

Personal files: Not for Online viewing: A Story of a pathological liar who runs to their enabler for help in their pathological lying coverup: -- a short story from 1979, in Kanyon Review, California


(encrypted until then)


The enabler, unaware that they were an enabler, as is often the case, told the court in Pasedena:

"He/she is so stressed right now they just told me in desperation..... because you ascertained... found out by informal online detective work.. that he/she was actually the person behind their fake pseudonym online ID of "mlynnS79 that as a result of your revelations proving he/she lied to you...and to the mods..that he/she emailed me frantically saying " help me help me" and they are  "having trouble breathing"  they say and they "have a bad heart too."!  He/she feels severely under attack and it's causing him her a lot of stress. She/he asked me to ask you to give them some time to heal and to understand that they lied to you for two years.... about their forum impersonation of a so-called imaginary college professor .....and that they are sorry now and hope you can put it all behind you now and forgive them. ''

The narrator replied that they forgave them and had put it all behind them and forgave the person for being an out of control pathological liar who could not cop to the truth and that the case was now closed, in court files as of October 15, 1979.

NOTE TO SECRETARY HANDLING THE DECEASED'S AFFAIRS: ''Personal files: Not for Online viewing:''

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