Saturday, September 8, 2018

12 New Literary Agents Seeking Clients with 'Cli-Fi' Novels (in 2018-2019)

Some New Literary Agents Are Seeking Clients (in 2018-2019) And Among Them Some Who Rep Sci-Fi Novels Are Also Looking for Good Cli-Fi Novels as Well. Query Them to Find Out What Might be a Good Fit for You!

See the full blog link by John The  Book Fox here and pitch to those agents who are a fit for you!

This post is based on old-fashioned research: He emailed 19 new literary agents seeking to build their client list, and got the inside dish from each of them.
  • The type of books they’re looking for
  • The type of books they read when they’re not working
  • Personal information — their history, hobbies, etc.


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Anonymous said...

YOUR POV? reply in comments below. a friend tells me today -- It's always tough to get your finger on the pulse of the book industry until after the fact, but ultimately they want to publish what sells, so if Kim Stanley Robinson writes more cli-fi novels, or if Neal Stephenson wants to do a cli-fi opus, those books will certainly get published.

Having said that, from the trenches as a writer in the field, it certainly seems to me like there is less pure cli-fi getting written and published. I think the lack of new cli-fi has more to do with our current political climate than any aversion to cli-fi. Please note that in order to combat the prevalence of conservative "populist" ideologies—which are at their root racist, sexist, and homophobic—the sci-fi community at large is moving towards inclusivity and representation of marginalized voices in the genre.
We're still seeing some cli-fi settings in scifi and SF/F work, but for the time being at least, the cli-fi elements are more of a backdrop and less the driving-force of the stories. Another factor could be the fact we're already starting to live the reality of climate change. Personally, I had to scrap my near-future cli-fi novel I was working on because the future caught up with us too quickly!

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