Sunday, November 6, 2016

Some veteran climate science and activist reporters are apparently coming to terms with the fact that climate change has a lot of the same qualities as death and is inevitable and that there’s no quick fix.

"The Virgin of Global Warming"
Photo by French novelist Yann Quero

After many years of reporting on the science of climate change and global warming, a gloomy outlook on the part of some veteran climate science reporters and activists might be excused — even though there has been no dEARTH  of tough news on climate, conservation and the preservation of the Earth's natural resources. Some veteran science and activist reporters have come to terms with much of it.

Says one senior climate reporter: “A lot of 'letting go' has happened for me. Most of us feel bad about climate change because it has a lot of the same qualities as death. A lot of it is inevitable. There’s no quick fix.”

It's an interesting quote and an interesting thought. Letting go, feeling bad about global warming, the idea that all this has many of the same qualities of looking death, but in this case, the death of civilizations, the death of the human species, the death of many many species. And that a lot of all this is "inevitable." And the final nail in the coffin, so to speak: "There's no quick fix."

So what to do? What's next? How can reporters and novelists and academics and movie directors tackle these issues, without giving up and without giving in to despair? Or is despair a proper attitude in some cases, among some writers, reporters, academics and philosophers?

What's your point of view? Comments welcome below!

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