Thursday, May 25, 2017

The New York Times expands to Australia, with Damien Cave running the Sydney bureau and the New York Times Sunday Book Review setting up an Australia office as well to cover books written and reviewed by Australian writers and literary critics.

The New York Times expands to Australia, with Damien Cave running the Sydney bureau and the New York Times Sunday Book Review setting up an Australia office as well to cover books written and reviewed by Australian writers and literary critics. 

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Enjoying ''No More Questions'' speech with Pamela Paul, Senior Editor Book Review New York Times   #SWF2017

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What is it going to mean for the local book publishing scene with NYTimes opening a bureau here?#pamelapaul#nytimes#sydneywritersfestival


Mr Cave writes:

We’re offering unlimited access to for readers in Australia this week and you’ll always be able to find our stories and Op-Ed contributors (Julia Baird and two new additions, Lisa Pryor and Waleed Aly) through our Australia page.

But we’re also experimenting with deeper conversation and additional features on social media.
Subscribers can now join NYT Australia, a new private Facebook group where we’re already discussing the most important and interesting issues facing Australia and the world. As the community grows, we’ll be sharing our own work and what we find fascinating from others, answering questions or asking them, and encouraging readers to do the same.

We’ll also be delivering special features there that we hope will stir up enlightening conversation. One example: something I’m calling the NYT Oz Culture Club, in which we pick a book or other art form, digest it together, then discuss it with someone who can provide special insight.

To kick it off, we’re lucky enough to have Pamela Paul – the editor of The New York Times Book Review and the author of four books on everything from reading to marriage – joining us in Sydney.

She’s chosen a book for us by a Melburnian, Sarah Schmidt: the debut novel “See What I Have Done.” At the end of May, they’ll sit down to discuss the book and its themes of feminism, horror and family dynamics – and we’ll extend that discussion to the NYT Australia group on Facebook.

Damien, who has run bureaus for the Times in Miami and Mexico over a long and storied career tat the paper, also notes:

''Welcome to The New York Times’s latest ambitious experiment in covering the world and connecting with readers.

''I’m Damien Cave, your new Australia bureau chief — a Yank, a bit of a larrikin, a father of two, and a writer and editor who has covered a dozen countries. I want to make sure you know how to find our expanded coverage of Australia and the region, and how to connect with our journalists, and with each other.

''Our primary goal, of course, is to bring you more of the high-quality coverage that you’ve come to expect from Times reporters and photographers around the world. We’re putting together a talented team here that will dig deep and wide. But as we build momentum and deliver more distinctive coverage — like this article on the Great Barrier Reef, or this feature on New Zealand courting global techies — we want you, our audience, to help shape the journey.''

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