Friday, April 17, 2020

Roberta Park in Canada has a cli-fi novella out now titled THE DISAPPEARNG SHORE

From our mailbox today:
Hi Dan, I just came across your site and blog post requesting recommendations for cli-fi authors and books.

It just so happens that I have a novella for you to look at - "The Disappearing Shore" by Roberta Park (me!) .....I have included a link below for you to download the ebook for free.

Here's the description:

What if we are already past the point of no return?

This enigmatic three-part novella imagines what might happen if the nice environmentalist next door finally snapped and started telling the truth—the real truth about his overwhelming guilt, rage, and fear. As the story unfolds, others break their silence in a desperate bid to save their corner of the world from the recklessness that has led us here.

From the confessions of today’s unlikely heroes — full of candour and dark humour — The Disappearing Shore depicts a much different tomorrow, and the struggle of those determined to continue the human story.

We are at an extraordinary point in human history, and this eco-lit tale by Roberta Park addresses the fears and responsibility we must face.


It's a very quick read, and dips into black humour from time to time.

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