Saturday, June 17, 2017

NYT asks readers: ''We’d like to hear you sing “O Canada.” for 150th birthday of the nation

We’d like to hear you sing “O Canada.”
On July 1, Canada marks its 150th birthday, commemorating the moment that a cluster of British colonial provinces joined together to form a country that quickly grew to encompass a vast expanse and array of people, languages and cultures.
Let’s mark the occasion by performing “O Canada.” Please post on Instagram, with the hashtag #MyOCanada, a video of you singing the anthem in any language, style or setting you like, with or without accompaniment.
Since you can post only one minute of video to Instagram, sing the first verse and use your caption to tell us what the words mean to you. (Don’t forget to include the hashtag #MyOCanada.)
As you can see in the video here , we asked Canadian cast members of the Broadway musical “Come From Away” to sing a version so you have an idea of what we’re looking for. We thought they did a pretty good job.

Leslie Goodreid @Leslie_Goodreid 3 minutes ago
, ''thanks for the shout out, but was formed out of British and French colonies. We are a bi-lingual and multi-cultural country.''

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