Saturday, January 26, 2019

MIchelle Stirling wonders out loud if Greta Thunberg is being instrumentalized by the media and adults around her in Sweden and overseas

Greta Thunberg of the school #ClimateStrike fame made a compelling, if somewhat dystopian, presentation at COP24. Michelle Stirling, Communications Manager of Friends of Science Society challenges Greta's perspective in this video response.

3 minutes video

giovanni paquin
Beware of those who use children to push their agenda. Good video’
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Jack Dale
Solar activity is in decline, Milankovitch cycles would have us cooling. The Holocene Optimum occurred 6000 years ago and was followed by a long term cooling trend that ended abruptly when we dumped 1.5 trillions of CO2, a known greenhouse gas, in to the atmosphere, resulting in levels not observed in millions of years. Meanwhile we are warming; 9 of 10 warmest years in the instrumental record occurred in the 21 century. The exception, 1998, was the strongest El Nino event in the previous 50 years. Using carbon isotope analysis the 43% increase in atmospheric CO2 over the past 2.5 centuries can be directly attributed to the burning of fossil fuels. Michelle, Greta is much wiser than you.
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You are not correct. You cannot use old science to despute modern science. The proof is overwhelming. Study the facts! Greta is right. And you are also guilty.
Dave Richards
The real deniers are those who denies the real science. The term “climate change” is so vague and the definition is so changeable that it is NOT a falsifiable hypothesis. It is therefore unscientific nonsense. The term “catastrophic human-made global warming” is a falsifiable hypothesis, and it was falsified long ago – when CO2 rose sharply after ~1940 while temperature declined from ~1945 to ~1977 “the alleged global warming crisis DOES NOT EXIST”. Current forms of clean/green energy are not green and produce little useful (dispatchable) energy. All they do is destabilize the grid and drive up energy costs, which increases Excess Winter Deaths among the elderly and the poor. Sure there may be better forms of energy out there – but current “solutions” are costly fiascos, due primarily to intermittency. Tens of trillions of dollars of scarce global resources have been squandered on green energy nonsense.
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Change will come, it does not matter if you like or not. You can not stop the justice. You are just trying to stop this, maybe because someone paid you as always happen with negacionism. Actually, adults did stole the future with their horrible society, and try to hide it with the sucess of a few. PD: Greta never said we have to stop the climate change, she knows it is not possible now, she is asking for a society that get prepared for the climate change, it is very different. By this way i can see your wishes to stop de climate justice, and we all knew it was going to happen. But... Negacionism does not work anymore. Change has started and nobody will stop this.
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The Global Warming Cult and the data fudgers.
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Jack Dale
The High Priestess of the Cult of Ra spreads her disinformation. Not one single academy of science in any country on the planet disputes the conclusions of the IPCC. Not one single academy of science in any country on the planet endorses the assertions of the oxymoronically named "Friends of Science.
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Burgess Park
Thank you for this. I watched and was horrified at how the "environmentalists" used this poor child for publicity. Is there no depth that they wont sink to.? Life today is a million times better than before the industrial revolution - the trouble is that all these environmentalists lead such protected lives and are blind to the benefits that they have. Complaining about oil as they drive around (or fly around) the world etc etc. Try swapping with a poor subsistance farmer in india and see how long they last. Its so hypocritical !
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Linnéa Magnér
She didn't say you haven't done anything at all. She said you haven't done anything to slow down this horrible trend of exploiting this planet past its capabilities. Of course human kind has made extraordinary advances in technology, but we should have been able to do the same in environmental-friendly progress these past few decades. All the more environmental-friendly ideas have been bought by the companies who have economic interests in our current destructive ways, and thrown in the garbage can. OF COURSE there has been climate change in the past, and sometimes almost all life on Earth has died and sometimes we have adapted and survived, but it has never been sped up by an animal species before. We all know the planet is not "going under", it's not going to die. But life on earth might. Scientists estimate we're now losing species at 1,000 to 10,000 times the background rate, with literally dozens going extinct every day, with as many as 30 to 50 percent of all species possibly heading toward extinction by mid-century. Humans are probably not going to become extinct any time soon, but what will happen when the climate becomes more and more extreme? When people will have no other choice but to leave their homes because it is impossible to stay. Many people's homes will be under water and others' will be destroyed by extreme weather. Where will these people go? I sincerely hope you haven't chosen an equally idiotic president by then, and that no other country has either, because millions of people are going to have to find new homes. The population on Earth has dramatically increased and now we will all have to share less and less habitable land. We will rue this day for not taking this crisis seriously. The Earth will endure but become more and more inhospitable in the process. I hope that humans endure and become more and more humane in the process, because otherwise a future awaits that I don't want to live in.
Ty Curtin
The AGW alarmists never pick up on the fact that there is a diminishing return on the amount of warming that CO2 effect. It only absorbs a certain and small spectrum of light. Once this is all absorbed, there is no more warming. We are probably already at the point where it has almost zero effect. The first 200 or 300 ppm do 95% of the warming. Also, if CO2 were below 150 ppm, all plant life would die. Cheap energy from oil, gas has been the greatest help to humankind in the history of humankind!!!! These quacks know that, but they LIE to everyone for their own benefit, which is the perpetuation of the Climate Change industry.
N Brown
The concern for the children is the encroaching socialist foolishness being taught in our schools!
Children are indoctrinated early these days and they call it education.
Thank you! Thank you. I have a 14 year old grandson who is terrified that he is causing the end of the world. I use satire and facts. But he is convinced CO2 is evil...etc......etc........and that the sun is some meaningless light bulb in the sky with nothing to do with climate. He really believes that humans make climate, not the sun.
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That is what the world media should be saying but the modern journalist and politician is no longer capable of independent thought .
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you are deranged and fit well with almost half of americans     you should rename   to friends of oil industry
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Juri M
Even without the evidence of global warming it is obvious that a fossil-fuel based lifestyle is unsustainable. So why not embrace change right now?
Lars Rosing
Great video! But what I think Greta really should fear is pollution of our world, its by far the biggest danger of our time! Not CO2!
Donald McCarthy
Michelle, on behalf of Greta and all the other Gretas, I must thank you for your patronising childsplaining. You and people like you are exactly the reason Greta has no future. Be very glad she is a decent and good person. Others may not be so forgiving to those idiots who believed infinite growth and consumption on a finite planet were achievable. You Michelle are a disgusting shill and have nothing to offer this world but your toxic banalities. Leave the stage before you are booed off it and pelted with rotten vegetables.
Thomas Musso
For or against .. It's all about $$$.
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Gabriel Salmerón
In spite of your maternalist tone, you wouldn't dare to have a debate with Greta.