Thursday, May 14, 2020

GOOD NEWS: The Museum of Pop Culture invited me to be a guest panelist for an online film festival on May 18th featuring ''DUNE.''

GOOD NEWS: The Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle, Washington in the USA invited me to be a guest panelist for an online film festival on May 18th featuring ''DUNE.'' With the world changing every day, the MoPOP staff have had to get creative with their public programming, especially without a physical public audience to serve! To continue providing excellent content and programs, they have transitioned much of our in-museum content into online content!  As a result they are hosting a Film Series "Good Planets Are Hard to Find" online starting May18th.

 The film series explores speculative fiction narratives about environmental devastation, ecostystems and their inhabitants, and survival in the face of ecological collapse.

''We're doing this by looking at popular cult films and taking a look at how they incorporate environmentalism in ways that the masses can absorb. On Monday, May 18th we will be hosting an online watchalong of 1984's Dune." MoPOP told me in an email the other day, adding:

 ''In looking for guests, we came across and a few interviews where you discuss the emergence of cli-fi as a standalone genre. I think as the founder of the term cli-fi as well as your continuous efforts on to further spread the word on the genre, that you would be an excellent guest on our watchalong! I think having you as a guest on our watchalong would provide incredible insight to what we are exploring at MoPOP. I would love to have you on for the watchalong to provide some context for the film and a discussion about it afterwards with our MoPOP community."

Look for me there via Zoom!


At MoPOP, check out “Good Planets Are Hard to Find,” a series featuring iconic dystopian cli-fi movies about environmental collapse. Because the films chosen are all available on standard streaming services, viewers register for a watch-along party, hit play at the same time and engage in a virtual post-film discussion with a panel of guest commentators. This week, May 18th, the featured film is cult favorite Dune, the unmitigated disaster directed by David Lynch and starring Sting. The main speaker is Canadian-American “cli-fi” (climate fiction!) author Omar El Akkad (May 18, 6 p.m, free).

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