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What I told a dictionary blog editor about the origins of the ''cli-fi'' term....

When a dictionary blog editor in New York asked me the other day where cli-fi came from, I told her I really didn't know how it all happened. But I tried to put it into words and this is what I told her:

I don't really understand how or why the ''cli-fi'' term became as popular and celebrated as it did. I'm mystified how it has become a calling card of the 21st century. I really didn't have a plan or an agenda, and in fact i really didn't have that much to do with it. I was just using it briefly for a book promotion for a novel I had commissioned in 2010 and which was published in 2012, ''Polar City Red'' by Jim Laughter in Oklahoma, and then I sent out some tweets and blog posts using the term, repeating it over and over wherever it made sense to do so,  press releases too, to the New York Times and the UK Guardian and the BBC and The Wrap and over 100 news outlets day by day, week by week, month by month, and it somehow caught on with the literati and book reviewers and some influential newspapers like the New York Times and the Guardian, and by 2014 cli-fi as an independent standalone genre was on its way. I'm still mystified how these things catch on, especially as there wasn't a high-powered public relations agency in 
New York or San Francisco or London behind it. 

You could say it all happened by osmosis. Is that the right word? 

The feeling was in the air. It caught on. Writers and literary critics gravitated to it. I didn't lift a finger. 

To this day, in mid-2020, I'm mystified. Maybe it was meant to be, maybe it was in the cards. Lets see what happens next with cli-fi, lets see where it goes in the next ten years or so, the next 30 years. Ask me again in 2050.

I guess there was something impactful about the term that resonated somehow and reached with enough people where it was finally accepted and given spots on Wikipedia and in several online dictionaries. 

There was no grand design behind cli-fi. It just happened. Happenstance. The power of language. ---------------------------------------
關於「cli-fi」的報導圖片 (來源:La Vie des Idées)

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La Vie des Idées-2020年7月6日
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關於「cli-fi」的報導圖片 (來源

Resilience - a cli-fi short story by Octavia Cade年6月23日
Climate fiction – or cli-fi – is an emerging genre of literature exploring issues raised by climate change. The best way to win at hide and seek, ...
關於「cli-fi」的報導圖片 (來源:The Irish Times)

Iceapelago, a climate change or cli-fi thriller

The Irish Times-2020年6月28日
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Awareness is emerging in every genre and form, and is no longer confined to the nature writing or cli-fi shelves. Until recently, climate change ...
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關於「cli-fi」的報導圖片 (來源:Broadway World)

Beth Malone, George Bartenieff and More to Star in Reading ...

Broadway World-2020年7月6日
Cli-fi fable with music that moves from a dystopian reality to astonishing hope. Other Than We is futuristic cli-fi, harrowing yet hope-filled.
關於「cli-fi」的報導圖片 (來源:BirGün Gazetesi)

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Meet cli-fi. It's dark, it's gloomy — and it might help

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This is cli-fi. Authors like El Akkad are turning to climate fiction to craft stories about the dark possibilities of a climate-threatened planet and the ...
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Seven cli-fi novels that show us how life might imitate art when ...年12月21日
The rise of cli-fi. Just a decade ago, when I first began reading and researching literary representations of climate change, there was a curious ...

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