Thursday, January 26, 2017

Professor Stephanie LeMenager on "What is Cli-Fi?" -- a 2 minute video clip from The Radcliffe Institute

Thursday, January 26, 2017 A.D. "anno donaldo"

Professor Stephanie LeMenager on "What is Cli-Fi?" -- a 2 minute video clip from The Radcliffe Institute

''One of the things I am hoping to learn is are there actual solutions that can be found in some of the new philosophy, the new poetry and the new novels called cli-fi? Cli-fi means, simply, climate fiction. It is actually a vast array of different kinds of literary products, everything from memoirs that have some kind of emphasis on climate change, aso not necessarily fictive, maybe fictive elements as all m...emoir has, to novels to youth fictions -- oh, there's a great YA (young adult) series of fictions out there that, in various respects. touch on climate change -- to film. So climate fiction is a very broad multimedia, multigenre project that many artists and filmmakers and authors have been pursuing in an attempt to tell the story of climate change. My own feeling is that cli-fi could be be a much more capacious term. I really don't understand the distancing that some authors take from it. But I'm respectful of it. Other terms that have come into being beside it include Anthropocene fiction, looking at the moment of the Anthropocene when we really see ourselves driving global climate, global geology, and taking reflection on that iin fictional forms. Solar punk is another relatively young movement that's very positive and has a lot of focus on technologcal solutions at the local level. I associate that with youth maker culture, looking at kind of local solutions, local energy grids, ways of creating autonomous functioning systems of the larger structures of society break down. Climate fiction to me is about lloving the world, and not being afraid to continue to love the world, even in a moment of mass extinxction. But it's also about salvaging ourselves as a species, by which I mean remaking ourselves in a way that I hope means a more sound, sustainable and just future.'' --

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