Friday, April 26, 2019

Being the Change by Peter Kalmus has now been translated into Chinese in Taiwan in 2014 edition and in PRC China in 2019 edition

  1. Peter Kalmus tweets at @climateHuman
  2. "My book Being the Change: Live Well and Spark a Climate Revolution is out now in both Complex Chinese characters in Taiwan (edition) and in PRC China in different Simplified Chinese characters in 2019 edition! May it help. [ A Spanish translation is also in the works]." 
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    1. 4月25日

    1. 回覆給 和
    2. ...Something like 1.3 billion in China people read Simplified Chinese. They are the ones I am trying to reach....

  • 商品介紹
      Being the Change: Live Well and Spark a Climate Revolution

      Being the Change: Live Well and Spark a Climate Revolution

      • 作者: Kalmus, Peter
      • 原文出版社:New Society Pub
      • 出版日期:2017/08/08
      • 語言:英文
      • 定價:770元
      • 再折扣4/27-28圖書雜誌MOOK結帳滿699再95折!
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        • 運送方式:
        • 臺灣與離島
        • 海外
        • 可配送點:台灣、蘭嶼、綠島、澎湖、金門、馬祖
        • 可取貨點:台灣、蘭嶼、綠島、澎湖、金門、馬祖
        • 繪本


        Life on 1/10th the fossil fuels turns out to be awesome.
        We all want to be happy. Yet as we consume ever more in a frantic bid for happiness, global warming worsens.
        Alarmed by drastic changes now occurring in the Earth’s climate systems, the author, a climate scientist and suburban father of two, embarked on a journey to change his life and the world. He began by bicycling, growing food, meditating, and making other simple, fulfilling changes. Ultimately, he slashed his climate impact to under a tenth of the US average and became happier in the process.
        Being the Change explores the connections between our individual daily actions and our collective predicament. It merges science, spirituality, and practical action to develop a satisfying and appropriate response to global warming.
        Part one exposes our interconnected predicament: overpopulation, global warming, industrial agriculture, growth-addicted economics, a sold-out political system, and a mindset of separation from nature. It also includes a readable but authoritative overview of climate science. Part two offers a response at once obvious and unprecedented: mindfully opting out of this broken system and aligning our daily lives with the biosphere.
        The core message is deeply optimistic: living without fossil fuels is not only possible, it can be better.
        Peter Kalmus is an atmospheric scientist at Caltech / Jet Propulsion Laboratory with a Ph.D. in physics from Columbia University. He lives in suburban Altadena, California with his wife and two children on 1/10th the fossil fuels of the average American.


        • ISBN:9780865718531
        • 規格:平裝 / 16.5 x 23.5 x 3.2 cm / 普通級


        • 《黑洞奇想》讓科學家告訴你必須知道的黑洞大小事









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