Thursday, April 25, 2019

In the Swedish media, culture editor Emilia Söelund writes about bees, and nature, and humans (and books)

Make Your Wish: A Wishing Well

Emilia Söelund writes, with these excerpts from

''Emilia Söelund: Författarna förklarar sin kärlek till hotade bin''

(c) 2019 All Rights Reserved Emilia Soelund

Emilia Söelund

''Climate and environmental threats characterize book publishing right now. But it's not all about dystopias and end of the world scenarios. There are also several pure love declarations we need to be aware of, too,'' she writes.

Culture editor Emilia Söelund adds:

''The Norwegian novelist Maja Lunde wrote ''The History of Bees,'' a bestseller worldwide."

''We who live now have been born into man's age. Some researchers say that we live in the anthropocene - a new
geological era characterized by the fact that man has fundamentally changed the planet.''

''The feeling that we have put forces in motion that we probably cannot control is clearly visible
book publishing.
The fiction about climate change has become so extensive that it has its own
genre: cli-fi.''

But not all books approaching this topic are alarmist

There are  a growing number of books that silently praise the nature and the richness of the species that is now threatened.

Kerstin Ekman writes about the wild nature in her beloved garden. 

 In Germany, the forest guard Peter Wohllenben is successful with a series of books on the forest, there
he mixes research results with his own experiences of how trees and animals live and communicate.

And in
England has Rosamund Young's little book about cows becoming a real bestseller.

The message in all these books seems to be the same. The authors show little glimpses of the wild life as
is going around us and is reminiscent of what we risk destroying.

At the same time, the publishers are investing in pure love declarations to our pollinating bee friends.

Norstedts has just released
Lotte Möller's beautiful honey yellow "Bin and people" and soon comes the American biology
Thor Hansson's "Bee's Secret Life" in Swedish.

Other titles in the same genre are Göran Bergengrens ”The Meaning
with bees ”and Dave Goulson's" Crazy in bumblebees "

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