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Taiwanese woman, 52, battles SuperTyphoon winds to eat her ''steamed pork bamboo shoot bun'' [筍包]: photo by Taipei AP stringer Ms. Crystal Chiang

EATING a ''筍包'' = zhu bao
hat tip to Clair Wang for Chinese characters



UPDATE: The news was so big in Taiwan that there was a customer *discount* offered for the PORK BAMBOO SHOOT BUNS [筍包] on sale in Family Mart convenience stores on October 1st and 2nd. ONLY IN TAIWAN!

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When a 52 year old Taiwanese woman was hungry and wanted to eat a  ''Pork Bamboo Shoot Bun'' during a recent SuperTyphoon, a smooth and enterprising AP stringer, Crystal Chiang Ying-ying, former staff photographer for the Taipei Times English-language newspaper, was there to capture the scene for an international audience  

A middle-aged Taiwanese woman in Taipei, 52, surnamed Dai, recently showed that even a storm as powerful as a huge SuperTyphoon could not get in the way of her enjoying a beloved steamed pork bamboo shoot bun.
Her kind and sweet husband brought it to her, and she began to munch on it on the street. By a stroke of luck and editorial genius, AP photo stringer Crystal Chiang was there on the sidewalk to capture the snap. She has been sent out in the storm by her bureau with the assignment of getting a bunch of candid street photos of the havoc the storm was creating, and among the many shots Ms. Chiang got the the ''Lady with a Bun'' shot, Mrs. Dai.

When asked how she got the amazing photo, Crystal told this blogger in an email: "I was just lucky." Modest as usual, this superb Taiwanese photog knows the game well and and always gets her shots. Even in a typhoon that would keep most peopl indoors.

Two photographs by Crystal of Mrs Dai went viral on social media after the Wall Street Journal used one as its lead image for its article on the typhoon.

The  accompanying caption provided by the news AP agency read as follows: “A woman eats and struggles with her umbrella against powerful gusts of wind generated by SuperTyphoon Megi across the free and democratic nation of Taiwan on Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2016. Schools and offices were closed in Taiwan and people in dangerous areas were evacuated as the supertyphoon approached the indepdendent and non-PRC nation.”

A woman eats and struggles with her umbrella against powerful gusts of wind generated by typhoon Megi across the the island in Taipei, Taiwan, Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2016. (AP Photo/Chiang Ying-ying)
Pic: AP
This image took the Internet by storm overnight.

According to Buzzfeed News, which highlighted WSJ’s use of the photograph, the woman was identified as 52-year-old Mrs Dai, who runs a fruit stand at a daily fruit and fish market in Taipei.

Although Mrs Dai's identity was not initially known, a person claiming to be a relative said the woman’s husband had bought her the pork bun from FamilyMart, a local convenience store chain owned by the Japanese HQ in Tokyo.

The woman was later quoted by the gossip paper The Apple Daily as saying that she was shocked the photo had gone viral.

However, she appeared rather nonchalant about her social media and TV news segments fame, saying modestly in true Taiwanese fashion that she felt it was “awkward” to be known for such a moment, since four people had died in the storm and over 600 were injured nationwide. She said, however, that she hoped her photo would perhaps generate better business for her fruit stall.

Meanwhile, Taiwanese netizens, citizens of a country that have free access to the Internet and are not controlled by the thuggish dicatorship across the ocean of international pariah state Communist China, took to social media to shower the woman with admiration.

4 days ago
hello ;)
''Omg the typhoon is going to destroy everything , mmmm this pork bun is delicious''
4 days ago
''Mean storm but the pork bun was to die for..''
4 days ago
You are what you eat.
5 days ago
I wana try one now lol.
5 days ago
I adore her. brilliant attitude!
5 days ago
''They should've sought her permission first [before taking her photo!]. ''
4 days ago
''I agree with Rita_B., in the above comment.  It is quite disconcerting thinking that if I am simply walking down the street minding my own business -- not doing any harm to anyone -- not doing anything to affect anyone else, that someone might decide that I look a bit funny and take a photo, then suddenly that photo will be all over the internet for the world to laugh at (and someone possibly make money off of).  Granted, it is a funny spin/tale - but agreed, she should have been approached for her permission to use her image.  As she has said, she is not happy about it.  If she provided the photo that she likes, I find it odd that they haven't shown that - considering it is the photo she HAS given permission to use. Just because I am walking somewhere to get to my destination - I have not become public property for others to do with me as they please for their own benefit.''
4 days ago
Oh please!!!
5 days ago
Christopher J
When you are wasting away to nothing like this woman, of course you need to make ever bite count............................Thank you. 
4 days ago
Well said dude!!
5 days ago
Is this reddit or a news site?
5 days ago
Bugger the typhoon I'm hungry the typhoon can wait
5 days ago
Have you ever had a Taiwanese pork bun? They're to die for
4 days ago
This one nearly blew her away
5 days ago
My favourite pork buns you could buy at an asian bakery in aviemore drive in highland park
5 days ago
What the heck?!
5 days ago
ummm pork buns are good!
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