Friday, February 24, 2017

「A song from Japan by ハヤシユウ(Mr. Hayashi Yu, age 24)that has gone viral around the world -- "HOW_TO_PLAY"」

なんと、「HOW TO PLAY」をきっかけに台湾の記者の方から取材を受けました。めっちゃ褒め倒されてます。

A Man, A Plan, A Song: Yu Hayashi

「A song from Japan by ハヤシユウ(Mr. Hayashi Yu, age 24)that has gone viral around the world -- "HOW_TO_PLAY"」

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Friday, February 24, 2017


Dear World!

I want to tell you about a cute instrumental song from a composer in Japan that is making waves around the world. His name is Yu Hayahsi ( ハヤシユウ in Japanese ) and he is 24 years old and a very humble and modest.

When I contacted him recently and asked him if there were any English-language news articles about this simple yet catchy song that has gone viral around the world, he answered me right away on the internet and said that there were no English language news reports about his song yet.

So here is the first report in English and I hope you enjoy it, and if you want to translate this news article to French or German or Norwegian or Chinese or Spanish, please feel free to do so.

The amazing thing about this song and its composer is that Mr Hayashi wrote the song at his small studio in his home in Niigata in Japan and released to the world on YouTube FOR FREE!

Yes, he does not charge anyone any royalties or payments to use his song. He is both a genius and a music humanitarian.

My first question to Yu was: "May I interview you for my blog?"

His answer in English and in ''internet time'' was: "Thank you for your message. Yes, I'm the composer of "HOW TO PLAY", you are right."
So I asked Yu a few questions online  such as ''who, what, where, when, and why?'

Mr Hayashi answered:

who : ''It's me, ハヤシユウ(Hayashi Yu)(in English style we would call him ''Yu Hayashi ''in the Western style of naming, which is common now in Japan, but in actual Japanese his name is ''Hayashi Yu.'')''

what : ''a song titled ''HOW TO PLAY'' ''

when was the song composed : ''maybe, I think, in December 2013.''
where was the song composed : ''at my house''
why did he compose the song : ''to practice making a funk music ''

When I asked Yu about payments or royalties to use his music, he said very humbly and modestly:
"The song is free for everyone to use as BGM (background music)."

The song is now very popular around the world, but it is not easy to find out how many people are using it on their websites and personal blogs and as YouTubers for background music, but Mr Hayashi's fans are legion. Worldwide! From Japan to the world!

"I don't know who exactly is downloading the music and using my song, and I do not know what they use it for," he told me. "I cannot receive messages about using it from all of them. However, I have been able to find some videos that use "HOW TO PLAY" on Youtube."

In Japan, Yu explained to me, there is a channel for videos that are famous and created by "You Tubers (people earn some income on Youtube). The channel is here:

Mr Hayashi told me that now "HOW TO PLAY" is used as ED theme of this channel.

"I'm proud of this," he said.

How old is the quiet, soft-spoken composer with the entire world in front of him?

"I'm 23, and I'll turn 24 in next month in March," he said during our February interview. "I have ben making BGMs since when I was 20."

And Yu added at the end of our interview: "Thank you for your all messages about my song.  It makes me happy, and it's fun.​"

Before I end this short news report about HOW TO PLAY, I want to thank my friend Akane in Japan, and her husband and their daughter Sana, who produce a series of YouTube videos in Japanese about the life of their cute and talkative daughter at their ''Sana37'' channel. that was where I first heard the music being played and after hearing it over 25 times on their channel, the music began to grow on me.

Then one day in Taiwan, where I live, I heard the very same music coming from the lobby of a movie theater, as a kind of advertisment jingle, and I asked the box office clerk if she knew the name of that song or who composed it and she said "No. I have no idea. It's on on computer so it plays in the lobby from time to time. I think the song is on YouTube but I don't know its name."

That's when I became very curious and interested to to know more about this song, so I asked Akane by Facebook and she replied: "The song is called "How to Play" but I don't know who composed it."

So I went to YouTube as soon as I heard the name of the song and found it right away. Here:

Now you know the story behind the song. Pass it on. Tell your friends. Yu Hayashi is a genious and generous as well, because he did not create the song to become rich and famous and he gave it to the world for free. Anyone can use it.

What a nice man he is, creative and generous. BRAVO, YU HAYASHI!


P.S. By the way, the song title is written in a special way, with underline marks (_)  between the words How_To .....and..... To_Play. If you are searching for the song, use those marks, too. You will find it that way.



Yu Hayashi also tells me:

My twitter account is 884yuu:
(In Japan, we can call the number 8 (hachi) as "Ha" or "Ya", and 4 for "Shi" so Ha-Ya-Shi my name here!)

He also asked me to add this information:The original source of the BGM is not on Youtube, it is on this site:

It's a Japanese site that passes out loyalty-free BGM, there are over 100 composers like me. They upload their music on this site, as free BGM.

You knew "HOW TO PLAY" on sana37 channel! I know the channel, too!

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