Saturday, March 18, 2017 Publishing is publishing ''Proof of Concept,'' a cli-fi/sci-fi/cyberthriller by multi-award-winning author Gwyneth Jones

We are pleased to post a major change in the way traditional sci-fi editors and publishers and book reviewers are now treating the cli-fi genre term.

In this PR release from TOR Books, a major SF publishing house, they refer to the author's new book as ''a cli-fi/sci-fi/cyberthriller by Gwyneth Jones.'' TOR has never embraced cli-fi as a subgenre of sci-fi before and today they are doing so and this marks a major sea change in the rise and development and evolution of cli-fi. BRAVO TOR EDITORS and reviewer JOEL CUNNINGHAM at Barnes & Noble's Sci-Fi and Fantasy blog

Later this year, Publishing is releasing Proof of Concept,
a cli-fi/sci-fi/cyberthriller
by multi-award-winning author Gwyneth Jones. We’ve been jazzed for this one since we showed off the cover a few months back, and now, we’ve got another exclusive to share with you: a lengthy excerpt from the novella, which you’ll find below the official summary. The novella releases April 11.

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