Saturday, September 9, 2017

Vanderbilt law professor and novelist Edward Rubin posts about ''Hurricane Irma'' and evacuating his son from his college in Sarasota

Professor Rubin, author of the novel THE HEATSTROKE LINE, writes on his FACEBOOK platform today:

''On Wednesday, we evacuated our son from his college in Sarasota Florida. At the time, it seemed that Irma would only cause minor damage, but now it's barreling straight toward the place. We wonder whether his school will reopen this semester, and what will happen to the little house (carrying costs are cheaper than the dorm) that we bought there, but our main thought, obviously, is that we're glad we got him out.''

''This is the fifth "hundred year storm" to hit the USA in the last 12 years, and apparently there's another one behind it. When are the deniers going to admit that they have done this nation, and the world, incalculable damage?

 Here's a link to a blog that I wrote after Harvey, and before I was personally affected by this season's storms.…/harvey-matters-oped-by-v… #HarveyFlood

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