Monday, July 13, 2020

WHO IS TIME reporter JUSTIN WORLAND? Inquiring TIME readers want to know.

WHO IS JUSTIN WORLAND? Inquiring TIME Magazine readers want to know.

TIME climate and energy reporter Justin Worland, born in 1992, grew up in Altadena, California, the son of Christopher and Rene Worland, both parents pictured below (scroll down) with Justin's younger brother Hunter in the middle).


Justin Worland

'' Writer @TIME covering energy, environment and climate. Not as serious as my photo suggests ''
Black / African
United States
Harvard University [2] Class of 2014 
Washington, D.C. [1] 
Justin Worland is a Washington D.C.-based correspondent for TIME covering energy and the environment since 2014.

His solid, well-researched and well-written major cover story (see below) made the front page of TIME July 20 issue. See below

He attended Polytechnic prep school and graduated in 2010, (his younger brother Hunter (pictured below with parents Rene and Chris) also went to Polytechnic, class of 2015 and also Harvard class of 2019 where he majored in history, ''all in the family'') with Justin later attending Harvard University as a history major and graduating with the class of 2014.

Just out of college, and with his Harvard connections, he landed a plum job as a reporter for Time in Washington D.C. where he works to this day, penning popular news articles read around the world online and in the pages of TIME's international editions.

FAMILY PHOTO BELOW of Justin's younger brother Hunter and parents Rene and Chris.

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