Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Kenneth Wick publishes his debut cli-fi novel at Amazon, titled PROGENCY'S PROMISE"

Kenneth Wick publishes his debut cli-fi novel at Amazon: link and news here: He tells this blog page today:

'' Hi Dan,
It has been awhile since my last email and I hope you are doing well.

I must apologize for my ''Progeny's Promise'' manuscript I sent to you around October of last year. It was very poorly done. It's taken a long time but after much editing and revisions, it's a bit improved. (And I hope I have become a better writer than the fellow that tortured you w...ith the first manuscript.)

I took your advice and self-published on Amazon. I'm glad I did. Thank you. Although the publish date on Amazon says Feb 01, the last revised Kindle ebook went live on March 20th, 2017, and the CreateSpace print version launched the next day, March 21st.

I have your ''100 Literary and Philosophical Ruminations about Cli-Fi'' in my Kindle and it is both inspiring and much needed these days. As you've stated "Earth matters" and Earth is capitalized throughout ''Progeny's Promise.'' I also placed a short reflection / author's note in the back of the book emphasizing the importance.


"For centuries Earth has struggled to rebound from devastating exploitation, as if a patched-up athlete constantly forced back into the game.

Our planet is weary and has become unforgiving of our misuse. Perhaps Earth is telling us she's had enough, and like many a loving mother, she may have waited too long."

Thank you, Dan, for getting the ''Cli-Fi'' ball rolling and continuing to stress its importance. With the Trump pall now suffocating the White House, it's needed more than ever. I hope my scribbling can help too.

I know you are very busy, but may I please ask you to take another look at ''Progeny's Promise.'' I hope the book proves worthy of Team Cli-Fi.

I've attached both a Word doc. and PDF along with a link to my Amazon author page.

Thank you again, Dan, for your help and all you do.

My best,
Kenneth Wick


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