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Finnish guy Nicolas Prieto lied to world media about his fake news ''Mount Trumpmore'' iceberg art project. It was a pr scam and the media never apologized for fake news

UPDATE: "I will pay an extra $100,000 to make it a YELLOW Trump face," says an internet commenter online the other day after reading this news. He adds: ("*grabs 24 packs of Gatorade.")
''Hi from Nicolas Prietro in Finland'
Nicolas Prieto's Photo

''Dear Dan, just read your email... I’m Finnish. I would be happy to do an interview with you for your blog in Taiwan.
Have a nice day,

SO THIS BLOGGER took Mr Prieto up on his offer for an interview and I sent him some questions. Answers are here BELOW. Thank you, Nicolas!

Nicolas explained to curious readers around the world why his family name sounds like a Spanish name rather than a Finnish name.

"My name is Spanish because my father comes from Galicia, Spain thus making me Spanish. too. But my mother is from Finland and I was born and raised in Helsinki. I am 37 years old, and will be 38 in the fall."

"The idea for this project is ours (that is me, Nicolas and my two friends here in Helsinki Jarno and Aleksi). In the beginning of our project,  we tried to co-operate with a couple of NGOs, but in the end we just didn’t come to terms with them. But we just couldn’t let go of the idea and decided to try it out ourselves. We set up a non-profit organization, 'Melting Ice,' and decided to do this on our own. The international media interest has been amazing."

"Our short term goal at the moment after all this international publicity [with over 1,000 internet news links in over 25 languages, from CNN to the BBC] is to hopefully get funding and then to build the ice monument. Our long term goal is to spark a global conversation about climate change and create global talk about the complex issues of climate change." 

When asked about the background of the three people running the project, Nicolas, Jarno and Aleksi, and if they were doing this as climate activists, Nicolas explained that they are not climate activists. 

"Our background is in communications, art and marketing," he said. This is an important point which the global media, in its rush to get the news story out, neglected to mention or research. So to repeat for all your journalists out there, from Charles Digges at Bellona to CNN reporters, the trio are NOT climate activists. They are very savvy PR an marketing guys with a strong interest in art and communications. Their media outreach has been amazing and they already proved they are a very strong marketing team!

CNN reporter Varnier got it wrong here, writing ''A Finnish climate change group wants to create a kind of Mount Rushmore but made of ice and they're calling it Project Trumpmore

BUT CNN, please note, the group is NOT a climate change group, but a communications, art and marketing trio of three young men with a cool idea.
By the way, here is a news story that contains a short video interview, and in it you can see Nicolas speaking to a reporter in Helsinki and Anssi Kuosan an ice carver at work for a press demonstration. 

For more information see:

Harvard trained reporter Charles Digges ( wrote:

''While these rising temperatures will – *if* 'Melting Ice’s' project is successful – deliquesce Trump’s frozen bust, reversing the disastrous impact of his irresponsible policies will take considerably longer.''

A Finnish ARTS AND MARKETING group of three young men in their 30s has come up with a novel way of getting the US President Donald Trump to feel the pain of global warming: Melt his face!

''Not literally, of course. But the arts and marketing group, which is called ''Melting Ice,'' is looking to raise nearly US$500,000 with the goal of carving a 35-meter likeness of Trump into a giant piece of ice, and then watching it slowly melt as an illustration to the US President and his followers that climate change is, in fact, real.
''The crowdfunded project is called “Mount Trumpmore” – a nod to musings by Trump at a raucous Ohio rally last year that he would like to see his face among the US presidents depicted on Mount Rushmore, the famous mountainside stone carvings of Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Lincoln in South Dakota.
''But far from being a monument to Trump’s ego, the ice monument takes aim at his equally notorious belligerence toward science and rejection of all but alternative facts.
''An enormous, slowly dripping sculpture of Trump’s visage, says Nicholas Prieto, chairman of the Melting Ice association, might help persuade the leader of the free world that the thing nearly everyone else in the world thinks is happening is happening.
“Global warming is one of the most important issues and topics of today,” Prieto said in a statement. “We want to build the monument for all of us, so we can see how long the sculpture lasts before melting. There are still people who ponder whether it’s a real issue. Often people only believe something when they see it with their own eyes.”

''If it is successful in drumming up the funds, the group says it will install a camera at the site to livestream the sculpture as it eventually dissolves.

Press Release:

26 April 2018:

Press images:


Launch Event
16 April 2018:

Group wants to carve Trump's face into glacier and watch it melt - NY ...

3 days ago - Nicolas Prieto told the Daily News that the "Project Trumpmore" group was inspired in part by Trump's previous statements that he could be on Mount Rushmore, though this project would show a different sort of legacy. "One of the biggest reasons we picked Trump is his pulling back from the Paris climate ...


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It turns out that this project has been abandoned for lack of interest. It was a joke project all along, just an art project. Nicolas was lying to the world and the world media took him at his word. It was a hoax. The media got plunked.