Thursday, September 29, 2016

Everything Change: An Anthology of ''Cli-Fi'' short stories from the 2016 ASU cli-fi short story contest judged by Kim Stanley Robinson

Everything Change: An Anthology of Cli-Fi

Everything Change features 12 stories from the ASU 2016 Cli-Fi Short Story Contest along with along with a foreword by contest judge Kim Stanley Robinson and an interview with climate fiction author Paolo Bacigalupi.

Everything Change is free to download, read, and share:
The PDF version of Everything Change was meticulously and lovingly designed and formatted by Matt Phan and Nina Miller. If it is convenient for you to read the book in PDF format, we strongly recommend it.

The anthology will also be available shortly in EPUB format through the Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo digital book stores.

The title Everything Change is drawn from a quote by Margaret Atwood, our first Imagination and Climate Futures lecturer in 2014.

Table of Contents:
  • Kim Stanley Robinson, Foreword
  • Professors/Editors Ms. Manjana Milkoreit, Ms Meredith Martinez, and Mr Joey Eschrich, [Editors’ Introduction]
  • Adam Flynn and Andrew Dana Hudson, “Sunshine State” [WINNERS!] [$1K prize!]
  • Kelly Cowley, “Shrinking Sinking Land”
  • Matthew S. Henry, “Victor and the Fish”
  • Ashley Bevilacqua Anglin, “Acqua Alta”
  • Daniel Thron, “The Grandchild Paradox”
  • Kathryn Blume, “Wonder of the World”
  • Stirling Davenport, “Masks”
  • Diana Rose Harper, “Thirteenth Year”
  • Henrietta Hartl, “LOSD and Fount”
  • Shauna O’Meara, “On Darwin Tides”
  • Lindsay Redifer, “Standing Still”
  • Yakos Spiliotopoulos, “Into the Storm”
  • Professor Ed Finn, “Praying for Rain: An Interview with Paolo Bacigalupi”

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