Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Wiki imposter gets ''outed'' - but the final outing must be done by the imposter herself, so we remain silent until she outs herself.

Uh, this is interesting but of course it has nothing to do with anything and certainly not with you; but look what turned up the other day in my detective mailbox in Japan. Some ''Sherlock Holmes'' discovered this coincidence, but surely a mere coincidence. And who cares? I like what she  did and  in the end she helped to improve the page and to improve its fortunes and visibility. So it all turned out AOK.

BUT look here: .......A person writing under the Kinja user-ID name of ''mlynn'' wrote this article titled " Literature and the Arts" at

When you click it on now, as it has been changed by that same user, it now appears with a different USER-ID name as you will soon see, CLICK NOW.

[Could this Kinja link have any connection, even the slightest connection, with the very elusive wiki editor  at Wikipedia who deleted her entire ID for Lynn in December 2016 after first coming on to Wiki as ''Lynn'' with a post on May 8, 2014 attacking the inclusion of ''STATE OF FEAR'' by Michael Chreihton as she spell it,  which someone else in the community really was angry about for it being included by in a list of novels since a certain somebody was adamant at the time of May 2014 that all such novels be excluded from any list and argued so on their website.......including definitely on their own website under her own name a list of novels on the old Wiki page, as it was then named...... before it was re-named under a one week ultimatum imposed by this lynn woman "professor" as Lynn as a new title page......and then this Lynn person, ''said''allegedly  to be a literature ''professor'' in Canada in the BC region and who claimed on Wiki that she came to the page after one of her "students" told her about the errors and mistakes on the original page and Lynn as hero came to the page to clean it up from its ''awful mess'' and then he/she/they  disappeared forever and covered up her tracks and has never edited any other page on Wiki again or ever before the attacks?] 

But. No way. The ''mlynn'' ID at Kinja that leads now to a clue to her real identity must be a sheer mere coincidence. Nobody would do that and then say it was not them. Lynn must really have wanted her privacy to have disappeared forever from Wiki now and tried to cover up her tracks! But the archives on Wiki cannot cover up everything and some clues now appear.

Then again Lynn said on another forum that her birthday is in October 1979. Get it? 1979! ie, "79."

And the S could stand for a maiden name such a Stevens or Soloff or Simpson, right? Or ''another'' than that begins with an S.

so put two and two together:

''mlynn'' at Kinja link (LYNN) + maiden name that begins with an ''S'' + birthday year of 1979 that ends with ''79'' = the possible identity of the person who registered the pseufonyum of Lynn ID at Wiki on May 8, 2014 for her first post.

But Forget it. Water under the bridge. Lynn did us all a favor by cleaning up our original "awful mess" of a page and making it better now. So cheer up,  and go with the flow. Life is good. Sure, Trump is a jerk, but Wikipedia lives forever. And imposters at Wiki are a dime a dozen. Sooner or later, they all get traced and outed. But the rule is that they must ''out'' themselves, as the Wiki rules state. So ''no outing'' here. No way.

So who was/is Lynn. ????

He/she/they no longer exists. His/her/their ID has been obliterated forever from Wiki.

But ''footprints'' remain on Wiki Talk. One day, sir, the truth will out. In fact, we know her real name now. But we will never say it. She must out herself. That is the Wiki rules.

But you know what, IT DOES NOT MATTER ANYMORE! We should thank Lynn for doing what she did.  You couldn't ask for a better friend than that. Thank him/her/them someday if you can ever find him/her/them in the wild expanses of cyberspace.

Yours as ever,


CLUE # 1

A person writing with the Kinja ID name of ''mlynn'' wrote this "Literature and the Arts" at and it now leased to another, different page of a person using a different but very interesting user ID.

Could this be the very elusive Lynn at Wikipedia who deleted her entire ID for Lynn in December 2016 after first posting at Wiki Talk on May 8, 2014 using the Lynn ID even then? OOPS! For six months from November 2014 to April 2015 she posted over 100 edits on the Wiki pages and went online almost every day to attack the page itself.

What kind of professor has the time to do all that attacking, and then to suddenly disappear and never post on Wiki again, except perhaps under a different USEr ID at wiki, since Wiki allows editors to use as many different user IDs as they wish, and none of them can be TRACED, as per Wiki rules.

Even the mods do not know who Lynn is and even if they did, they cannot every say. But in fact, they do not even know and do not want to know, as it is against WIKI rules to go into an editors registration archives and look up their REAL NAME and REAL email address. But the evidence now points to a certain someone.

But I will not out her. She must out herself. That is the RULE at Wiki, and unlike Lynn we follow the rules.

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