Saturday, August 12, 2017

Climate Change and Social Responsibility in Cli-Fi and Sci-Fi --- A spirited panel discussion at WorldCon75 on Saturday

Katrina Archer @katrinaarcher   live-tweeted the panel photos and discussion here:

''A Climate Change and Social Responsibility in Science Fiction [and Cli-Fi] panel at with Katrina Archer, Sarah Goslee, Emmi Itaranta, Ian Watson and Howard Davidson.''

Climate Change and Social Responsibility in Science Fiction
203a, 1 pm to 2 pm

''Climate change is one of the biggest issues in science right now. How is it being covered in various forms of science fiction and climate fiction, aka 'cli-fi' -- and how much of it is based on actual climate science?''

NOTE: What was discussed by the panelists will later be noted here with collected tweets and live-tweets from the forum, as well as from the panelists themselves. If you were there, please tell this blogger what was said, who said what, what questions were raised and how it all went. Thanks.



An earlier panel on Thursday was entitled ''Turning Up the Heat on Cli-Fi''

Room 101c, 4 pm to 5 pm
Track: Science
Tags: science fiction, climate science
Type: Panel consisted of:

''In an environmentally conscious 21st century, there’s a new kid on the speculative fiction block – Cli-Fi. Our panel will begin by looking at the rise of climate focused science fiction and discuss what separates the good from the bad, before speculating on what influence these novels can have on the literary and political landscape.''

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