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''Woke Mom'' drops Drudge bomb (as headline is seen on the 'Times of Israel' website)

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TWEETING: ***''NEW YORK POST HEADLINE''***: ''Woke Mom'' drops Drudge bomb !----- If New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd was a rightwing conservative, she would be a dead ringer for "Woke Mom." --


Yes, you're not going to believe this, but a very "woke" woman in the USA who goes by the online name of ''Woke Mom'' is using her personal channel on her YouTube screen to comment -- pointedly, sarcastically, humorously (as the case may be) -- and always unseen by viewers and never on camera herself -- on the daily headlines that appear on the front page online of the popular news aggregation website The Drudge Report.

Matt Drudge runs and edits the The Drudge Report, which gets around 1 million page views per day.

Meet "Woke Mom."

She has a unique, conservative voice -- perfect for radio, video and other electronic platforms --
that carries well over the wires that connect her microphone with us, the viewers in the USA and overseas.

A thirty-something American commentator using the stage name of "Woke Mom"  spends part of every day in her home poking fun at crazy outlandish headlines ---''UFOs to invade Earth in 2029,'' for example -- and also to poke holes through leftwing and even rightwing headlines. "Woke Mom" is a conservative through and through, but she's an equal opportunity satirist.

If New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd was a rightwing conservative, she would be a dead ringer for "Woke Mom." Similar voice, similar ironic view of the world (but from a totally different political perspective).

"Woke Mom" is cool.

We never see her face on camera, we just hear her voice. And it's a voice that is easy to listen to. She is not lecturing us, and she is not hectoring us, but she is commenting on the news in her own personal and down to earth way. And the bird's eye camera-view on the Youtube screen shows us the Drudge Report page that she has brought up on her computer. Then we hear her voice, quiet, soft, but penetrating, as she comments on the news headlines and what they might mean in some corners of the world. Her videos last 5 minutes, sometimes 8 minutes, sometimes 18 minutes.

She bores right through the daily headlines that Matt Drudge puts up on popular -- but silent -- ''Drudge Report'' and adds her three cents and her humorous take on what Drudge drudges up 24/7.

"Woke Mom" does this on her own time, on her own dime, and in her own time at home -- just because she loves news headlines and can't keep quiet when she sees some of crap that appears on Drudge.

She's a fan of Drudge.

She likes the Drudge page.

She's been reading it for ages.

Now she commenting on it.

She started doing her YouTube video commentaries under the stage nane of "Woke Mom"  at first just for her own amusement and emotional release. But then her segments began to catch on. I, for one, started listening them after coming across her channel by complete random chance accident. I wasn't looking for her. I had never heard of her.

Now I want to tell the whole world about her!

There are no sponsors.

There is no interest on her part in monetizing the platform or becoming a YouTube star.

"Woke Mom" does this because she is, well, "Woke Mom."

One of a kind. Unique and pioneering.

Tune in someday. You will never look at the Drudge page online in quite the same way again.
Welcome to  "Woke Mom's whimsies as well as her serious takes on the times we live in, politically, culturally, and surrealistically.

Is a syndicared
radio show in the works?

If I was a TV or radio producer, I would hire her today and put "Woke Mom" "on the air" -- nationally.

She's that good. That fresh. That provocative.

But without ''being bang the drum'' hysterical or screaming loud.

"Woke Mom" speaks softly, in her own down-home cadences, but she also carries a big, biting stick, personally autographed!

Watch out, headline writers of the world, watch out for "Woke Mom's YouTube channel.

"Woke Mom" launches a very ''woke mom'' YouTube series reading out loud some daily headlines from The Drudge Report and commenting on them in her own informal, chatty, personalized way.

Check it out!

"Woke Mom" is a rising new YouTube phenom, but in a low-key ''down to earth'' down-home way!

See her platform here, with most of her commentaries, with visuals of the actual Drudge Report page scrolling up and down on her video screen and with her own take on the headlines that grab her in one way or the other.

As I was finishing this post, "Woke Mom" sent me a short note via the internet:
''Thanks Danny. Thanks for promoting my YouTube channel."

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