Friday, November 15, 2019

Thanks to Professor Song at Boston College

A FEW YEARS AGO, according to a tweet by Professor Song at Boston College,

Dr Song, interesting! I know Noam from my Tufts student days 1960s and still keep in touch, he loves Taiwan too. Can you send me that quote or link to where he said that? I have his email. I'd love to tell him this news. RSVP asap dan

Professor SONG, I just got a email message from Dr Chomsky on this ......after I asked him about your tweet.


"sad but true, Dan. And just imagine a few years down the road....the anecdote is almost true. My idea at that time was a short story about a WSJ office on the 17th floor of a skycraper/" he wrote ADDING:

NOAM ADDING. "...with the newspaper's presses churning out another news story about how climate change is a liberal hoax while rising waters lap at the WSJ presses in the lower floors of the building." - Noam

.....Noam Chomsky imagined out loud, about him writing a short story about a Wall Street Journal office (rightwing climate change denialists owned by the Murdoch clan) that was on the 17th Floor of a NYC skyscraper .....doing a WSJ news story about how climate change is just a liberal hoax -- while rising waters lap at the newspaper presses on first floor - h/t/ Minh Young Song

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