Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Bob Quinn in Ireland has written a cli-fi novel set in Ireland in the near future titled ''Aristophanes' Apple''

Bob Quinn left a new comment on Nopvember 1, 2016 on our blog post "Irish Journalist Stephen Phelan on "The Rise of Cli-Fi ...":

Dear Dan,

'Aristophanes' Apple' is an Irish cli-fi novel which I have spent four years writing and just finished this week.
I did not realise it was 'cli-fi', had never heard the term, until to-day. Reporter Sara Keating at the Irish TImes mistakingly attributed the coining of the term to Margaret Atwood and she apparently never corrected it even though you wrote to Sara ten times. You attribute it (correctly) to Dan Bloom.
Now to find a publisher for my book...

Bob Quinn, [who is young at heart and mind, but in his early 80s now.....]

I asked Bob for more information:

Hello Dan.
Here is the cover
brief summary:
Hello Dan Bloom.
I've read your blog interview.

brief storyline:
"Flannery, ex-adman and spin doctor, has a boat.
Will that be enough to save Celia, the ancient Shanks and himself?
The tipping point of 400ppm is in the past, ice caps vanish, coastal cities drown.
The Emerald isle is one large lake and 365 islands. 
Another tsunami is coming and they must get to the safety of the sea.
Flannery plans a memoir and conjures only nightmares.
This is a story of peril, philosophy - and love."
I'm actually a film maker, have been for 50 years - as well as a tree-planter and writer of a few non-fiction books.  Tried to make a film about climate change, researched for the past four years. 
Couldn't raise the money. Decided to fictionalise my research as above.
It's a 180 page novel about Ireland after the flood (polar caps have melted, sea levels etc. etc.).  
Ireland does not take climate charge seriously. So I've sugared the message with a a love story.
Now I start the search for a publisher.
Thanks for your interest.
Bob Quinn

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