Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Global Reach of a Global Hashtag -- #CliFi


The Global Reach of a Global Hashtag -- #CliFi

I don't know how many of you use Twitter, or use hashtags when you do use Twitter, but for the Cli-Fi Report and subsidiary blogs, the #CliFi hashtag -- proposed and designed by cli-fi novelist Lisa Devaney in the UK (a savvy PR consultant in London who has operated out of the UK for over ten years) -- has been instrumental in communicating the the #CliFi message worldwide via tweets and Facebook updates.

So first, a big thank you to Lisa Devaney in London for putting this hashtag on the world map. She designed it for us with a capital ''C'' and capital ''F'' (and no hyphen, since Twitter regs stipulate that hashtags cannot contain hyphens, so it's #CliFi [one word] and not #Cli-Fi).

Over 1000 tweets a day now appear worldwide using the #CliFi hashtag and its various variations such as #clifi (all lowercase) or #Clifi (just a captial ''C'' and lowercase ''f'')  in over 20 languages.
It's been used among students of cli-fi ------ or Cli-Fi ------ (depends on how you want to write it out lowercase or cap C and cap F) in mostly English-speaking countries among academics, researchers, college students, professors, Phd candidates, marketing people, PR people, philosophers, book editors, literary critics and of course, cli-fi novelists promoting their books on Twitter.

Do a search for the #CliFi hashtag in the Twitter search window and you will see on a daily basis now, 24/7, hundreds of tweets.

So all hail Lisa Devaney, the #CliFi hashtag designer! Bravo, Lisa!

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