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Cli-Fi in the news today - May 5, 2018

關於「cli-fi」的報導圖片 (來源:Arizona State University)

Perspective: The environmental humanist

Arizona State University-2018年5月3日
In my book, I will examine cli-fi as the latest addition to the “climate canon.” Some well-known examples of this emerging genre include Roland ...
關於「cli-fi」的報導圖片 (來源

Missy Higgins: 'I feel I've had enough success, it's OK if I have a failure' 小時前
If you haven't heard of "cli-fi", it's a genre of dystopian fiction dedicated to environmental disaster; the successor of nuclear disaster and ...
關於「cli-fi」的報導圖片 (來源:The Atlantic)

The Rain Is a Taut Dystopian Thriller

The Atlantic-2018年5月3日
But what The Rain lacks in originality it makes up for by remixing elements of YA fiction, postapocalypse drama, and cli-fi into a gripping kind of ...
關於「cli-fi」的報導圖片 (來源:Yale Climate Connections)

Professors: What's on your climate fiction syllabus?

Yale Climate Connections-2018年4月13日
That's because the world they represent is so wide-ranging: “Cli-Fi is undoubtedly tied to a set of contemporary anxieties about human beings ...
關於「cli-fi」的報導圖片 (來源:Mediaweek)

Jungle Entertainment appoints Shay Spencer as development manager

One of the series in development is Jungle's Cli-Fi initiative, which brings together climate scientists and writers to develop an anthology of ...
關於「cli-fi」的報導圖片 (來源:OUPblog (blog))

Science and spectacle: exposing climate change through the arts

OUPblog (blog)-2018年4月30日
A relatively new genre of fiction—climate fiction, also known as cli-fi—is helping to break the silence surrounding climate change. Cli-fi stories ...
關於「cli-fi」的報導圖片 (來源:EcoWatch)

13 Female 'Cli-Fi' Writers Who Are Inspiring A Better Future

In fact, the burgeoning genre of cli-fi has already sparked new avenues. Take solarpunk, a sub-genre that ultimately conveys an optimistic view ...

關於「cli-fi」的報導圖片 (來源:The Sydney Morning Herald)

Wordplay with David Astle: Tribe-talk – you are what you say

The Sydney Morning Herald-2018年4月19日
Yet to pitch the book, I'd need to approach the profession of blads and gutters, orphans and widows, cli-fi and grit-lit, galleys and ghosts, ...
關於「cli-fi」的報導圖片 (來源

Deep roots年4月14日
... weather apocalypse in J G Ballard's element novels, and who knows how many "cli-fi" thrillers in which humans struggle through landscapes ...

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