Thursday, May 10, 2018

Cli-fi – my new genre? Swedish novelist JENNY FORSBERG writes from Sweden:

Cli-fi  – my new genre?  Swedish novelist JENNY FORSBERG writes from Sweden:

Climate fiction – my new genre?  JENNY FORSBERG writes from Sweden: 

Recently I got a breakthrough so that I could actually get to work writing. With "get to work" I mean absolutely not "start posting"; so far I am only at synopsis, and barely even that.  After the breakthrough I was super excited in a week or two, but now it is tough again. 

I still have so many more questions than answers. My theory now is that i'll write a novel sequence climate four shots with the working title of the four elements. 

Working names of the books are --- Water, Earth, Fire and Air.  

Did you know that there is a name for this genre? Yes, it is called cli-fi.

It stands for ''Climate fiction.'' I didn't know this but now I do. And now it's apparently that I am also a cli-fi writer  It feels good! 

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