Thursday, December 7, 2017

Cli-Fi in the News: December 8, 2017 -- GOOGLE NEWS WINDOWS

關於「cli-fi」的報導圖片 (來源:QuiComo)

Margaret Atwood, «la realtà è granulare, irregolare»

Il Manifesto-5 小時前
Ma gli scrittori parlano di realtà, in un modo o nell'altro, anche quando raccontano eventi che accadono su una galassia lontana», e parlano di umanità e di persone «anche quando si interessano di conigli», quando inventano espressioni o generi nuovi, come «cli-fi, climate fiction» (narrazioni sui ...
關於「cli-fi」的報導圖片 (來源:Real Change News)

Book Review: 'The Book of Joan"

Real Change News-2017年12月6日
She narrates a plotline that is fairly predictable, given the cache of recent dystopian fiction and cli-fi (climate-change fiction) work being published in the last few years: Something very bad happened on Earth rendering it nearly uninhabitable. An evil dictator builds a fleet of spaceships that he tethers to the ...
關於「cli-fi」的報導圖片 (來源:The Conversation AU)

Can 'cli-fi' actually make a difference? A climate scientist's perspective

The Conversation AU-2017年9月5日
Recently, I participated as a scientist in a forum with Screen Australia, looking at how cli-fi might communicate the issues around climate change in new ways. I'm a heatwave scientist and I'd love to see a cli-fi story bringing the experience of heatwaves to light. After the forum, Screen Australia put out a call ...
關於「cli-fi」的報導圖片 (來源:The Sydney Morning Herald)

The year in reading: These are the books we loved

The Sydney Morning Herald-15 小時前
Described by The Independent as "Virginia Woolf does cli-fi" it's more about the steady beat of love and life that can endure amid total dislocation. Elizabeth Strout's Anything is Possible (Penguin) deals with fundamental human truths: our imperfect ways of loving, our desire to feel superior to others, our ...
關於「cli-fi」的報導圖片 (來源:Undark Magazine)

In 'The Water Will Come,' Jeff Goodell Warns That Rising Seas Won't ...

Undark Magazine-2017年11月24日
The opening serves up a bit of cli-fi (climate change-inspired dystopian science fiction), both nostalgic and macabre: “After the hurricane hit Miami in 2037,” it begins, “a foot of sand covered the famous bow-tie floor in the lobby of the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach. A dead manatee floated in the pool ...

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