Saturday, February 10, 2018

To Brenda Cooper, Joey Eschrich, Vandana Singh, Ed Finn and others who are still confused about the difference between the terms "cli-fi" and "climate fiction"


CLIMATE FICTION: Some Weather Writers Are Now In The Storytelling Business

To Brenda Cooper, Joey Eschrich, Vandana Singh, Ed Finn and others who are confused about the difference between the terms "cli-fi" and "climate fiction"...
As you can see here in the headline above, on a right wing climate denialist website, the rightwinger denialists have coopted and kidnapped (headline-napped?) the term of "climate ficiton" to stand for THEIR DEFINITION of "climate fiction" which is that for them and their followers, CLIMATE FICTION means the kind of essays and documentaris made by Al Gore and Jim Hansen and Michael Mann, meaning, to them, that those essays and novels and movies about climate change are based on FICTION, falsehoods, scientific fakery, there they call is all CLIMATE FICTION. Not just this article and not jjust this headline buit they have been doing this for over 10 years on the internet on their blogs and their websites.

Therefore, it is important for climate activists and academics and authors to stop using the term of CLIMATE FICTION, and start using the correct coinage of "cli-fi" which was coined for a specific purpose, and that was to raise awareness of the need for more noivels and movies and short stories about global warming and climate change.
SCIENCE FICTION has different kind of meaning. It does not mean FICTION about science, as CLIMATE FICTION means fiction about climate science (as used by the climate denilaists). Science fiction, a good term already embedded in the cutlure, means fictional stories and movies about the future using imaginative ideas about science and based on scientific ideas and scientific possibilities, which is a cool term.

However, CLIMATE FICTION as seen above in the headline at the Daily Caller, is used to mock and ridicule climate change, by calling ideas about global warming as FiCTION, as not true, as false, as fakery, ergo FICTION. So it is better, Brenda and Joey and Vandana and Ed and others in the academic community in the USA to stop using the incorrect genre germ of CLIMATE FICTION and instead start using the correct term of "cli'fi." 
Or call it what you will, choose your own terms, sure, but please don't call iot CLIMATE FICTION as you do in your academic essays and interviews and blogs and tweets. The best term for this is "cli-fi".
I hope after reading this note, you can see the difference now and why it is important to pay attention to this difference.

Thanks for hearing me out.

- Dan


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