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AI robot in island NATION of Taiwan said "We are in Communist China, a Taiwan province" "

AI robot in Taiwan said "China Taiwan province" "independence" pissed off

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2018-04-08 05:40:00
Original title: AI robot in Taiwan said "China Taiwan province" "independence" pissed off to protest
China Taiwan network April 8th news agency reported according to a commentary in Hongkong, the Tainan Science Park in March 31st held the inaugural meeting "from the Community Alliance, using the AI technology of artificial intelligence robot" Zenbo ", asked" here is not Taiwan?" Zenbo answered "Tainan, Taiwan, China."
It is understood that robot Zenbo is developed by ASUS, is home intelligent robot, has many life applications and smart function links, known as storytelling and interaction with human intelligence. In November last year to Chinese name "small cloth" in the mainland debut, in terms of software import Tencent "micro cloud platform", to provide music and video Tencent including QQ, Wikipedia, FM, small penguin news and weather in the service and application of. In addition to the cross straits, the marketing and marketing plan of "small cloth" will also enter the United States and Japan this year.
According to reports, the robot Zenbo say "Taiwan province" Chinese in Tainan, "Taiwan independence" after the radical party issued a statement expressing "protest", said that the "consequences", the problem is not in the enterprise, should be condemned the authorities for the "national identity" and related policy of wavering economy the policy of the phenomenon of excessive dependence on the mainland have been overwhelmed, "south" is not active. (edited a little beast)
Source: Taiwan network, China
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