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Cool. What seems like cutting edge now may be the norm in five to ten years. Some kinds of fiction will either go extinct or seem much more escapist or simplistic about the true nature of the world. Climate fiction is not only SF. It's anything that grapples w/ our current state.

xcellent Indiana bog hike today with Roy Scranton, his cute baby girl ("Rooster!"), and Kate Marshall.

https://cli-fi-books.blogspot.tw/2018/04/know-your-dystopias-cli-fi-library-blog.html - Know 

Your Dystopias: Cli-Fi - Library blog post 

lists VanderMeer, Bacigalupi, Bradley, 

Lunde, Watkins and KSR, among other cli-



Richard Powers on his new novel, The Overstory: "I’m breaking the law of literary good taste. I’m saying there are things more interesting than people, more essential than us."

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I found myself thinking of you often as I read this book. Have you read it?

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Desert Unit for Speculative Territories. An experimental research studio working at the intersections of spatial practice, critical theory and contemporary art.

does things with words and sounds

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Chance meet-up with fine folks from with almost photo bombing...lol

This week's pod: the keynote from Cultures of Energy 7 w/ , & . They talk art, the ecological crisis, and the future.

I would also like to say that territorialism re fiction on these subjects--whether coming from "genre" or "lit"--or any other stance--is very distasteful. As is territorialism displayed by individual authors or taste-makers.

JVM: Not to mention, how we got here has deep historical roots going back centuries if not thousands of years in terms of some strands of the dysfunctional/pushing against the complex systems of the world as opposed to working with them. So there are so many narrative angles.

122 – Making Alternate Worlds (feat. Ganzeer & Jeff VanderMeer)

Posted by  on Apr 19, 2018
122 – Making Alternate Worlds (feat. Ganzeer & Jeff VanderMeer)
After Cymene and Dominic take a moment to call out for profit academic publishing and cheerleading, this week’s podcast brings you (16:00) the keynote panel from CENHS’s Cultures of Energy 7 symposium, which explored the art, craft and significance of making alternate worlds. The conversation features famed Egyptian artist Ganzeer (The Solar Grid) celebrated novelist Jeff VanderMeer (Annihilation, Borne) in conversation with Cymene (Unda) about worldmaking in the context of the ecological crises besetting our planet and its species. All three explain their approaches to storytelling and worldmaking and the conversation that follows (43:51) ranges widely from what kinds of new opportunities for story-making our contemporary ecological conditions offer us to the dangers of colonial and racialized imaginations carrying over into alternate worlding practices and how we break free of old systems of thought to imagine true alternatives to the status quo. Special thanks to Caroline Levander for moderating the discussion!! PS If you haven’t checked out the amazing virtual SCA conference, Displacements 2018, you should (!) and can at http://displacements.jhu.edu

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