Thursday, April 5, 2018

Newspaper headline in the year 2050: ''Cli-Fi television series are finally taking over TV this spring''

Imagine a newspaper headline in the year 2050: ''Cli-Fi is taking over TV this spring''

TV worldwide in April of 2050 is about to get exciting.
From returning cli-fi series to debuting series, climate-fiction shows are surging on TV this spring of 2050. It's been a long time coming.
And while the genre’s hardly new, cli-fi experts think there’s a reason they’re taking over our screens in America and Europe now.
You see, cli-fi novels and movies and TV series simultaneously scratch two societal itches: the need for entertainment, and the need for climate warnings of what could come to pass in a worst-case scenario.
Climate fiction continues to provide an inexhaustible supply of metaphors for real-life problems like climate change — but it also reasons for optimism that humans can still solve our problems. 
Another  reason the cli-fi genre is so popular is that it doesn’t have a particular demographic.
You see, it's  for everybody. What used to be offbeat entertainment is now mainstream. At this point, it’s one of the most reliable genres to make a film or television series from. Someone will always show up to watch.
Clearly, networks are banking on people showing up this April of 2050. There wasn't much cli-fi on TV and or in Hollywood in 2018, but look, there is NOW.

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