Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Asking the New York Times and other media worlwide to start capitalizing the word EARTH in print, not ''earth'' but ''Earth''!

By the way, while I am on this topic,. I always capitalize the word "Earth" in my personal writings in my blogs and Tweets and emails, and I have waged a quiet lobbying campaign with several British and American magazines and newspapers and wire services (such as the New York Times and Time magazine and the Associated Press and Reuters) to ask them to start capitalizing the word in print.

The editors at those outlets still use a lowercase "earth" for what is our home planet, and they are wrong to do so. Yes, in some instances, such in phrases like "down to ''earth" and "salt of the earth" the lowercase style makes sense.

But when speaking about climate change and global warming on the Earth, the word should always be capitalized.

The New York Times, among other publications, refuses to budge from its current fossilized newsroom stance in which editors always lowercase the word, even in important articles from its popular Climate Desk section about climate issues impacting the Earth.

I won't give up my lobbying campaign until i win. I am right. The New York Times is wrong, dead wrong. Small issue, but words matter.

If we are to protect our Earth, we must stand up for our fragile home planet  by capitalizing the word Earth.

SAMPLES OF RIGHT WAY TO DO IT: I think the NYT has been listening to me. Hmmmmm:

''The worldwide extinction of species and natural ecosystems, however, is not reversible. Once species are gone, they’re gone forever. Even if the climate is stabilized, the extinction of species will remove Earth’s foundational, billion-year-old environmental support system. A growing number of researchers, myself included, believe that the only way to reverse the extinction crisis is through a conservation moonshot: We have to enlarge the area of Earth devoted to the natural world enough to save the variety of life within it.''


And Musk is not only reaching for the stars but also tunneling under the earth. A new venture of his, the Boring Company, is a response to the inability of public officials in Los Angeles to ease the region’s paralyzing traffic. Musk envisions a futuristic network of subterranean chutes. The first one is already under construction.

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