Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Violet Powell, age 5, takes the video world by storm when a San Diego Zoo butterfly video goes viral

A 15-second must-watch video
Video from Euronews TV in Europe



In her squeaky cute high-pitched five year-old's voice, full of wonder and charm, Violet says  to the video camera capturing the moment live: "It's landed on my ....forehead!"

Her mom Christy Powell is a veteran staff horticulturist at the zoo, and the zoo cameraman borrowed Violet for her world video debut.

Watch the video again. That's why were here. Several times if you have the time. Just 15 seconds!

The butterfly world will never be the same. Violet will never be the same. In her starring role in a 30 second video that has gone viral, she has made her mark on the world and put her voice forward as a charming advocate for butterflies around the globe, from California to Taiwan, from France to South Africa and Australia. Who knows, maybe even on the Moon!

Long live Violet Powell. Long may she dwell in the innocent world of childhood wonder and grace. Hers is the face of humankind, girlkind, delighted by nature and the natural world, colorful and surprising as it is. Let us all be mindful of Nature and do our best to protect and safeguard the ecology of our fragile planet.


LINKS and CREDITS: with PHOTO of Violet, age 5

PHOTO by Eduardo Contreras, San Diego Union Tribune photographer

ARTICLE by Bradley Fikes, San Diego Union Tribune staff writer


GUAM newspaper

Thanks to the San Diego Zoo PR department for adding some of the details to our story.

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On Friday, March
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geopelia said...

The Monarch butterflies in my garden don't care who they perch on. I wonder if the ones that started as my caterpillars somehow recognise me. But Cocky doesn't like them coming near his cage. Keep the swan plants going for them.