Friday, November 10, 2017

Tor Books website asked to change name of Taiwan on online registration form from TAIWAN, PROVINCE OF CHINA (which is not true) to the correct term for the nation: TAIWAN

TOR BOOKS webite is being asked to change the country name of Taiwan to ''Taiwan'' from "Taiwan, Province of China"

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of ROC TAIWAN is to ask a USA book publisher Web site to correct a listing that lists Taiwan on the its drop down menu on its online registration form as ''Taiwan, Province of China,” a ministry spokesman might say someday. The ministry might contact Taiwan’s representative office in the USA and NYC to get in contact with TOR BOOKS to ask the site to remove “Taiwan, Province of China” from the registration form and replace it with TAIWAN. The ROC ministry takes the improper designation of Taiwan very seriously, he said, adding that it would always contact agencies to make corrections as soon as it is notified of any transgression.

I am alerting Tor Books editors! PLEASE FIX.

THIS top science fiction BOOK PUBLISHER IN USA lists Taiwan on the registration form for online members as "Taiwan, Province of China" -- That is not Taiwan's name. The name is Taiwan. Can the ROC MOFA correct this by writing to USA office to ask for a CORRECTION?

cc: TOR editors

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