Monday, July 9, 2018

Japan gets hit hard by a typhoon and floods and mudslides and rain.... 150 dead!

As you know, Japan got slammed this past week by a major typhoon that dumped rain bombs left and right all over the southern part of the country, and over 150 died from the floods and landslides and collapsed building. HERE in the VIDEO a 7 year old girl named Sana speaks about her feelings, in Japanese, but I hope that one my good friends from Japan, Mr Yuji Sasaki, a good friend of mine from Japan, who studied at Kenyon College in the USA and speaks and writes fluent English, and has worked all his life as a newspaper reporter and TV network reporter, now based in Hiroshima, which also got his hard, myabe Yuji can explain in English what Sana-chan was saying: Here is the video. Yuji has been all over the world, Cuba and more! Pray for Japan's recovery: 

a little girl in Japan talking about the recent floods

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