Sunday, July 22, 2018

A lesson in civilization between climate and nature «Weather can be a source of ignorance»
THE CHARACTERAmeteo, literature, passion. Three words that come together in the pages of the book "Climate fiction. Tales of climate science fiction "(ebook can be purchased online, 2018, 4.99 euros). It has...
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22 July 2018

Weather, literature, passion. Three words that come together in the pages of the book "Climate fiction. Tales of climate science fiction "(ebook can be purchased online, 2018, 4.99 euros). It was written by Aldo Meschiari, professor of high school Liceo San Carlo: in the morning he teaches Dante, at night he consults maps and mathematical models to get his predictions. Without neglecting the music, since it has just released a record that on the cover, coincidentally, has the sky. But in his stories there are also the earth, the ice, the fire. Page after page we draw the thought that we all now have if we think about the climate: not only the temperatures we consult in a manic way, but also the nature understood as an unpredictable force.

Why this book?

«I started writing meteorology and climatology several years ago and it was easy to go from science to science fiction, imagining possible and improbable scenarios».

Where does the passion for the weather come from?

«From the passion for snow. As a boy I spent the night watching the street lamps to steal the first snowflake. Then it was not enough for me and I wanted to study to be able to predict it, the bow. But even today the surprise of an unexpected snowfall is worth more than a thousand forecasts ».

Today the weather is one of the main daily worries: has it become a fashion?

"I do not know if it's a fashion. If it is, it must be said that the level of ignorance is really high. A bit like football, everyone is able to train the national team. But then there are some scientific aberrations such that it was better when it was not a fashion. "

Why is it weather forecasting?

"Because I hope to find something that surprises me and gives me emotions lost in childhood".

Where are they published?

"I have been collaborating for 11 years with a very popular weather site, the Meteogiornale, which has more than two million users a month. I deal with weather forecasting, model analysis and climatology ".

How do you make a correct prediction?

"We must have studied the mathematics, physics, and chemistry of the atmosphere. We need to know the predictive mathematical models well. And above all, have great experience of the Italian and local climate ".

But she teaches Letters ... How much is autobiographical in the book?

«The weather c'est moi - smiles - In fact, the book is autobiographical because it speaks of my great passion and of my desire for a humblest and respectful humanity of nature».

Literature and weather how do they get along?

"Literature and science have always agreed. Just think in the last century in Calvino with the Cosmicomiche and Levi, a chemist experienced and great writer. In the meteorology and climate the primordial forces of nature and humanity play. The passage to the narration is inevitable ».

So literature is a means to tell nature?

"We hope to save her. Science is born with Galileo together with literature. For me to study how the climate system works is to go to the source, to understand
as nature is strong, and that the destruction of this beautiful planet, if human madness should continue to plunder it at these rhythms, would be nothing in the immensity of the universe ". -


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