Tuesday, August 14, 2018

''A Climate Vocabulary of the Future''

''With more and more cli-fi novels and movies on tap, I cannot stop thinking about how it is now possible to mine affecting, resonant drama out of the certainty of climate change catastrophe. It's no longer science fiction. What I'm saying here is that living through the twilight of humankind is gonna be worth it for future cli-fi novels and movies.''

-- Stephen Kelly, UK culture writer in London

[New book publication]

A Climate Vocabulary of the Future
published in 2017

by Herb Simmens

A Climate Vocabulary of the Future is the first book to focus on creating a new vocabulary encompassing all aspects of climate change – political, economic, moral, behavioral as well as technological and scientific. The vocabulary presented is broad based and far reaching because climate change is and will affect every aspect of life for most everyone on the planet.

With some 265 new words and terms, and over 165 currently used terms this book explains many of key concepts in climate change with a combination of wit, simplicity, brevity and clarity.
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Some entries are straightforward words or phrase like dark snow or negative emissions, others are playful terms like frozen chicken syndrome or robin carbon hood tax or sharply drawn phrases like carbon war criminal or the no solutions coalition.

The need for urgent action is reflected in the descriptions of many of these terms. Some 75 new words and terms present ideas for action – most eminently practical, others aspirational or inspirational.
Use it as a reference or as a creative way to learn the many dimensions of climate change. And above all help acquire the words, images, ideas and actions necessary to thrive in a world that will be increasingly be dominated by climate chaos.




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