Monday, August 13, 2018

Global Warming’s Depiction in Film and the Rise of ''Cli-Fi''

Time for Another 'Cli-Fi' Hit

A few other worthwhile mentionables include Waterworld
and even the animated Ice Age movies.
But it seems that the older climate fiction films,
like Soylent Green, remain in better
standing among the overall audiences.
It’s high time for a brand new cli-fi classic.
What would be required of a new cli-fi film
to register it among the ranks o
f its timeless predecessors?
 It would need a Jurassic Park-like touch,
meaning the plot would need fairly sound
scientific concepts mixed in with an intriguing plot.
Hollywood and the entirety of the filmmaking
industry can’t make the public mull over
climate change differently, but a single
screenwriter or novelist could.
The power of the arts should not be underestimated.

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