Thursday, August 30, 2018

In terms of Climate Change and Global warming We Are ‘Procrastination Nation’

Climate Change and 

Why We Are 

‘Procrastination Nation’

It’s a fact that we are psychologically hard-wired as 
humans to see our future selves as 
strangers. So when looking at 
future climate change and 
runaway global warming impact 
events we do nothing. Why? We Are “Procrastination Nation.’’
I recently tweeted this and 
I will tweet again for rest of my 
life. “Why do we humans procrastinate? 
It’s because we think, psychologically, 
of our future selves as ‘’strangers’’. 
So in taking steps to fight runaway #AGW, we therefore procrastinate because we don’t see the future 
as *our* future. We are “Procrastination Nation.” 
It’s true. We are never going to fix climate change 
and we are never going to stop global warming, 
and that’s because we are going to 
procrastinate forever and ever until the cows 
come home to roost. No, that’s not right: 
until the chickens come home to roost. 
Or is that the crows come home to roost? 
By then it will be way too late.

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Jeff VanderMeer TWEETS  September 1, 2018

Anne and I are turning our old, re-wilded home into a
Southern Reach residency, alternating between non-fiction
and fiction writers who deal with the environment in their
work in some way...need some help. If you're an entity
that might be interested in making this work,
please contact me.

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