Friday, August 3, 2018

A transformation beyond words: ''Reaching the Shore: A Story of Survival, Courage and Endurance ''


A powerful new nonfiction book about a family in Texas titled ''Reaching the Shore: A Story of Survival, Courage and Endurance ' was published earlier this year, in 2018, written by a woman named Bonnie Jane Hall and co-authored with  her son Davin Jake Douma. If the subject matter interests you, it's a book very well worth your time.

"Our book took us 5 years to write and was difficult because of the strong emotions that I was experiencing while writing it," Hall explained. ''The book is about the extraordinary journey of my son Davin, his overcoming horrific circumstances and the effect on my family. It should leave the readers with hope that they can overcome whatever difficulties and circumstances that they have to face.''

The book recounts the true story of Davin and his incredible journey.

Here is a link to a radio interview Bonnie did for ''Reaching the Shore.''

As Bonnie explains it: "When Davin was 16 years old he was convicted of killing a man and sentenced to life in prison. While in the county jail awaiting trial, Davin’s appendix burst. He laid on a cold cell floor in severe pain for days unattended. Then, when it was almost too late, he was in a hospital where he was fed intravenously for five months. Weighing only 90 pounds after being in the hospital, he was sent to a dangerous maximum security prison with adult prisoners. Only one out of a hundred juveniles with life sentences ever come out of this type of prison. Many die and others are never released in Oklahoma where Davin was imprisoned. He used his intelligence and people skills to survive.''

In prison Davin changed and he dedicated himself to intensive personal development, Bonnie noted, adding: "Prison, in a way, became like his monastery. He read many books on every subject imaginable, took courses, became a highly skilled martial artist, practiced Tai Chi, yoga, and meditation. He practiced Tai Chi for at least 2 hours a day for over 20 years and became a Tai Chi master. Davin also became a skilled writer and speaker and worked on his character development.

He became a teacher on a variety of subjects for other prisoners and helped young newcomers adjust to prison and to rehabilitate themselves. For over 25 years he spoke to schools and to kids to steer them away from a life of crime.''

“Reaching the Shore: A Story of Survival, Courage and Endurance is a story about a young man’s journey through prison life and his extraordinary heroism of using the constraints, horrors and obscenities of his surroundings to propel him into a quest of personal growth, self-discipline and personal enlightenment.

Susan Wilkins, a writer and an educator, says the book
is  also about the memoirs of a remarkable mother who attentively gave her devotion and attentiveness to that son. A true inspiration. The reader comes away realizing that no matter what cards fate has dealt us, ours is not to give up or give in, but to stalwartly without self-pity journey through, conquer and thus be transformed in the process.”

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