Friday, August 3, 2018

''Earthships: Blue Sky, Will Our Children Remember?''


by staff writer with agencies

A Cli-Novel titled "Earthships: Blue Sky, Will Our Children Remember?" by Bonnie Jane Hall in Texas, Book 2 of a continuing series, is available now by book order via and other book ordering sites. 

Bonnie was kind enough to send me a preview copy of her novel and here are some comments about it. The first book in the series was titled "Earthships: Growing up in the Climate Shift''.

This is what I blurbed for the first novel: "Through the power of story, 'Earthships' goes where no cli-fi novel has gone before -- underground! I'm looking forward to the entire series".
-- Dan Bloom, editor, "The Cli-Fi Report"

I also noted in my Amazon review: "Bonnie Jane Hall is a gifted writer who shows a strong compassion for future generations of humankind. In this novel, she explores where things may very well be headed. It's scary but there's hope and optimism, too. Am looking forward to the next book in the series.''

I previewed Book 1 in the Times of Israel blog: 

 ''Earthships' by Bonnie Jane Hall is a three-part 'cli-fi' series of novels set in the near future' was the headline and here is the link: 

Now comes book 2.

I read the book chapter by chapter in my apartment in Taiwan, far far away from Texas where Bonnie lives, but I could feel her passion and compassion for the future of our planet and for humankind. She's that kind of writer. I recommend her book highly to anyone intersted in modern cli-fi novels. Book 3 is on the way too, Bonnie tells me, ready for publication in 2019. So get ready for more Bonnie Jane Hall.

Meanwhile, check out the first two books in the series.

Bonnie tells this blog: "I started writing late in life and absolutely love writing. I started with a biographical novel about my life and the extraordinary life of my son Davin. The title of the book is ''Reaching The Shore: A Story of Survival, Courage and Endurance.'' It is such a powerful and emotional story that it took me over five years to complete.

''Subjects which are of great interest to me are climate change, prison reform, kindness to animals, caring for each other and the planet, family and humane values and basing my fiction on scientific research.''

''EarthShips: Growing Up In The Climate Shift Book 1'' is  part of a series of books which I will be writing for the rest of my life. ''Earthships Book 2'' is now available.''

In ''Earthships Book 2: Earth’s Blue Sky Will Our Children Remember?,'' ninety percent of the heat in the atmosphere is now in all the oceans, resulting in huge and powerful hurricanes, tornadoes and cyclones. Massive tornadoes rip through the gulf states and leave 64 inches of rain across the land. The highways cannot handle all the traffic. Many people lack the ability to escape. Thousands are dying.

This story begins with the wedding of Laurel, the protagonist and Sage Halley, a recently discharged marine who was stationed in Libya. He and Laurel met on a train traveling to Rigby, Idaho in Earthships Book 1 2030, where they saved the lives of all the people on the train.

Laurel’s extended family, including her parents and siblings, her husband’s family and a family of immigrants are living a 1950s-farming life-style with the advantage of Artificial Intelligence and other advanced technology in a socialistic America.

Laurel’s father, Forester, is a former soldier and environmentalist who takes on the planet’s corporate enemies that endanger him and his family. Not only does the family have to deal with the burning of the rain forest, but also other enemies who create road blocks that they must overcome to survive. Airports are blown up, babies are born and life goes on. Laurel and her family grow food to save people and teach them how to be preppers.

We humans are fragile creatures living in a dangerous world where we must build our fortresses underground in the cool silent Earth.

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Unknown said...

Thank you Dan,
Your help in bringing my books to light is very much appreciated. The Arctic ice is melting faster than we had expected and it is much warmer in the Arctic than the rest of the world.If we have a blue water event, even more Ice and the frozen tundra will melt, releasing tons of methane into the atmosphere. That would be tragic, but we know it will happen and soon. The jet stream has really slowed down, part of the cause of so many disasters around the world in July. Floods, Forest fires, gigantic hail stones, mudslides and a dying Ocean that is too warm, acidic and the dumping ground for peoples trash.We must find a way to connect with humans who are not paying attention. We have our work cut out for us Dan.

Best wishes,